Stand-Up Comedian Owns Ginger Heckler for 9 Full Minutes (HD) – Steve Hofstetter

Comedian Owns Ginger Heckler for 9 Minutes. A ginger heckler who just would NOT shut up met his match when ginger (wannabe) comedian Steve Hofstetter owned him for nine full minutes.

Another friendly reminder that just because you have thoughts doesn’t mean you should share them in the middle of a comedy show.

Bonus bits: Why Michael Vick is a terrible person and why the New York Jets are a terrible team for picking him.


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  1. "Just a drone-flying Jets fan who thinks his wife is a dude." – the funniest, most savage, True putdown ever uttered. It should be carved into concrete somewhere.

  2. Okay seriously, not trying to sound mean or anything but that shirt, I swear I've seen that same wording like many many years ago so did he steal that idea or am I just misremembering a shirt I saw cause I could swear I've seen a shirt that says that before I'm sure he even started standup.

  3. Steve, I have a question: I was watching a bunch of your videos last night, in one of them (cant remember which one, my apologies) you mentioned the word "ginger" in the context of hair colour in fact being a slur, did you know that in London England (which is where I am from) the word in this context is not considered a slur by most local red heads? I can speak personally as when people ask my hair colour, I have always said that it is ginger! but we do have a slur attatched to this that many fellow red heads got incessantly teased with by bullies: "ginger nut" or "ginger nuts"… it really surprized me when i found out that Americans use the word ginger alone as a slur!
    anyhoo, i adore your sense of humour and your sharp heckler shutdowns! youre so badass!
    ginger pride, muh' beautiful colour haired brother! 😉 fight on!

  4. The plagiarism bit COULD have been kind of funny………………………………if performed by………..what are those people who tour the country sleeping in crappy hotels and getting paid ridiculously small amounts of money to stand up on stage and make other people laugh………………oh right…….A FUCKING COMEDIAN. Right setup and delivery and that line could be a great segue……………delivered by an idiotic drunkard who craves attention however, it's destined to bomb.

  5. Plagiarizing the word plagiarism was actually pretty clever for a drunk dude. The delivery was bad and it came out of nowhere but honestly? That joke was underappreciated.

  6. You get heckled way too much in your videos. It doesn't make any sense because you don't suck enough to get heckled that much. This is just my opinion and I could be completely wrong, but It seems like you plant hecklers in the audience and you have already rehearsed what to say to each other as part of the act. There is nothing wrong with that i guess. Magicians pull that crap all the time. As long as you're funny and don't steal jokes it doesn't really matter if the heckler is real. I wouldn't do it do many times though because people will get tired of it if they realize it's fake.

  7. Didn't CK make that joke too about holding the thought and then waiting till the show ends and going outside and releasing them into the wild? Not accusing. Just saying you both have a similar style and I don't mean because of the hair.