Stand Up Comedian and Saturday Night Live member, Michael Che swings by Sway in the Morning and updates what is up next in his world of jokes. Sway and Heather B. don’t make it too easy on Michael as they interrogate him on why he didn’t stand up for him during a SNL imitation. Che is currently working on a 30-minute special he is filming in Boston, which will air on Comedy Central. The New York Native weighs in on some hot topics during Celebrity Wire with Tracy G. Some which include the topic of monogamy and Rihanna’s current feud and legal battle with her ex-accountant. Before leaving, Che praises the newest addition to Saturday Night Live, Sasheer Zamata the first black woman who has become an official cast member of the show.

Watch the full interview with the hilarious Michael Che and leave thoughts below.

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Stand Up Comedian Michael Che Talks About “Bombing The Stage” + Dishes Out On Cheating Tips | Sway’s Universe

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  1. I disagree with that…talk a bunch of nonsense is easy on stage that's not true u can talk nonsense but if it's not funny, it's not funny and if eddie murphy and Jamie foxx and some other accomplished people talked nonsense hen I wanna talk nonsense.