The godfather of Nia Wilson has asked the African-American community to ‘stand down’ while police investigate fatal stabbing at MacArthur Station in Oakland.

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  1. Jesus Christ, everyone in the comments showing no respect this man has no class whatsoever. I get it, his goddaughter died but rioting in the streets demanding justice when the suspect is in jail as I'm typing this isn't gonna make anything better and it sure as hell isn't gonna bring her back. Just because he isn't on TV shouting, "I WANT THE PIECE OF SHIT WHO KILLED MY GODDAUGHTER DEAD RIGHT NOW!!" makes him a uncle tom; He's just grieving in his own way.
    Rioting and demanding justice doesn't help ANYONE, instead it just helps the white people that are racist get a good laugh seeing us act a fool on national television.


    When we're about to RISE UP, "MASSA" appoints his "HOUSE NIGGAS" to appease and pacify THE FIELD HANDS.

    How much hell can we take before the "disciplined ones" among the black masses start organizing RETRIBUTION SQUADS for "THE BIG PAYBACK?"

  3. He look weak and fragile let a man speak i feel so sorry for her dad the pain in his voice and face says it all he wants and will have justice for her daughter or they will have no peace period

  4. This is one of our worst problems,"MR.Gutless!","Spineless!".He says "we see it",but that's not really what it is.Where is the puppet master for these kind of non man?, babygirls blood is on the ground and we are suppose to listen to this talking puppet thing?.

  5. This is hard to listen to. Once we start saying stuff like this or we forgive you it IGNITES them more. When will we learn?