The “Black Lives Matter” mural on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue directly in front of Trump Tower — a project President Donald Trump blasted as a “symbol of hate” — has been defaced with a large splash of red paint.

Photos and videos posted to social media at lunchtime Monday showed red paint all over the letters “liv” in Lives. One video, obtained by News 4, shows a person person dressed in dark colors and hat, dump a single can of paint across the mural before running away; the NYPD is investigating.

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  1. This man is nothing more than a right wing far right nazi ass lover who is getting paid for vandalizing the mural on front of the shity trump's rat infested hotel. Jail mates are going to welcome him as their service mate. Good luck idiot.

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  4. Too the ppl who are saying he shouldn't be arrest and that "wElL thE sO cAlLEd ProTesTerS wErE lOoTinG aND vAnDaLiZinG mEmOrIalS" Please do some damn please??

  5. BLM won’t even protest for these black victim shot innocently in NYC recently as they don’t even care about black lives. All they want is donation and are kind of extorting money from people in the name of racism

  6. I think they need to get ride of that black lives matter thing in front of trump tower because it’s so stupid and all lives matter not just black people and if you say black lives matter then STIP KILLING BLACK PEOPLE IN Protests

  7. I'm black myself and I just wanna say, How many people do you think they would scream "Racist!" To him just for being white? I think everyone would, if you support ALM..