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  1. "Having your employees work for free is questionably illegal" – I am sure they are violating a number of state and federal labor laws. If IBM wants the work done, they need to pay for it.

  2. Holy schnikeys.. This same crap is going on in the Linux world.. Over there, they're talking about changing pretty basic language that has existed since computers had punch cards. Like replacing "master" and "slave" with at least half a dozen different words each all meaning different things and changing colour codes to exclude black and white. This is going to cause mass confusion that will hold up progress for who knows how long, and confuse the hell out of future generations who look back at old code and have no idea what's going on. "What is a stunning and brave drive and what is a oppressed drive? And what is this chromo-fluid list?"

  3. Those companies will only give lips service for show. They are not going out into the community to do anything because they really don't care. I can guarantee, that if you had to use their bathroom or piss your pants. You're pissing your pants and they will be laughing at you.

  4. This censorship and euphemism nonsense is dangerous, and leads to other horrific things for the common folk. Fortunately all the young idiots wasting business time on woke BS will soon be fired. Produce value, or you will be fired very soon too.

  5. I’m black, ex army (enlisted in 96), an IT professional and I take offense to your George Floyd theatrics. Let me be clear. I think your spot on in regards to stealing or utilizing resources to support “justice esk” task. But the little skit was above and beyond. Not needed.

  6. As a software developer, the more I watch your videos the more I hate my job. When I was younger and just got into this job I thought I would make the world a better place. Now I am sick and disappointed with my job, because it just boils down to one thing now: figuring out new ways to milk people out of personal information or money, forcing crappy software on people that didn't ask for that. I only had one one project that actually helped the humanity right now: a lab automation system to enable more tests to be ran in the laboratory. It's been used in Germany. Maybe it's not coincidence that Germany responded well to Covid.

  7. Hey Microsoft how about making an OS thats bug free?? Ive been dealing with windows since the 3.1 days and there is always some new and innovative way windows manages to mess up.

  8. I've used computers since 1998 and I never thought of blacklist/whitelist about black people and white people, never thought as master/slave about slavery, but since america is a retarded country that believed firmly in racism at least widely until 1950 ish, I guess it makes sense to change the words – but do NOT fucking shove down my throats one of your ''important mandatory security updates'' that fucks up my PC simply because my software is expecting the term ''blacklist'' and your stupid update only accepts ''denylist''. If it's about a new software that has nothing to do with my operating system, yea sure why not whatever but don't break my software over your stupid baby social justice warrior censorship bullshit. Let's get real here, you're NOT making a difference by banning words, you're only promoting censorship.

    Just first world rich kids with apple products who want to make a difference in the world by sharing facebook posts, giving likes, banning words… b word c word n word r word… leftists who love to censor everything. A lot of them are actually quite racist and sexist, especially the feminists. Ironic.

  9. Whoever rules the media and the banks rules it all…and obviously that includes silicon valley. There's nothing one can do if you don't take them down first. Bankster class and the media. That's it. End them, we end the BS that this world has fallen into.

  10. This is a pretty tepid take. If you want to know why a company does something like 'social justice' stuff, the answer is simple. Profit. Its not some ideology or 'snot nosed kids' or anything else. Literally everything a company does is driven by profit. Right now, the market rewards people doing these little to no-cost improvements that signal improvement.

    You talk about all the things the companies COULD do to improve the society they harvest massive profits from, but what you and everyone in these comments don't realize is, they don't WANT to help the community. Its not their goal, and honestly, if you're a capitalism supporter, you don't either. Companies only exist to make money, and they do that by getting customers. If the society doesn't call for things like this, then they won't do it.

    The fact that the companies are doing it, proves that the society they operate in DOES support these things. Thats how capitalism is so successful, it allocates cash to ventures that are doing well and being successful. If you don't support the messages, don't use these products, and they'll get the message. But just like Marvel movies who allegedly virtue signal and "go woke go broke" end up breaking box office records. Clearly something doesn't line up with the 'everyone hates woke culture' line prevalent in techies and the anti-woke center-right.

  11. Silicon Valley companies did do something like this to Des Moines. It has had an overall positive impact a AFAIK. Thing is too tho, the language control crap really is all they wanna do – they don't wanna help those who have less they want to hurt those who have more.

  12. I'm not black but i've seen the term master/slave in one of our projects and it bothered me tbh, but doing this little refactoring and polishing to the documentation is just silly when it's done by these huge corporations, they should do stuff that are actually impactful

  13. What they're also secretly doing: Removing programmer credits/names in code, so that they can in the future claim all of this stuff was written by black employee's. It's part of a multi pronged effort to feign "we are important! you rely on us!", just like all the black inventors they say invented this or that…..but didn't actually invent those things, or played a small role in the development of those things, some roles soo small that they might as well have been just janitors that happened to be working in the same building at the time. The point is to erase white history, so they can replace it with their own.