Jemele Hill recently raised the question in an Atlantic article: “Should Black Athletes Stop Entertaining Us? She suggested that they have the leverage to force society to address social justice issues, as, of course, defined by her and others on the Left.

But her article raises two questions. First, do Black professional athletes actually have the leverage, at the moment, that she assumes? Second, do the American people desire to transfer political control of our social polices from elected officials to groups of professional athletes?

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  1. No one asks them to entertain us. That is a choice. I turned off sports years ago. Money seems to be the major factor of sports. Remove the money and the problem goes away.

  2. Good Video Mike, and White Dudes Can Jump, but the Black Athletes will never walk away from that Money, Power, Fame, Women and so on. So the hypocrisy is stunning and the BLM movement is entirely co opted now by paid anarchists from all sectors. Professional sports are in dire straits bar none now. You should address the following: This entire Cerveza Bug thing is about something else, you do not destroy civilization over a Flu virus, nobody burns their house down to remodel the Kitchen, yet that is what is happening worldwide. So there is two or more factions that have an agenda or vision for themselves, and they are at war on the World Stage, and all sides are willing to destroy civilization until they get what they want. What we are seeing with the masks is an agenda, the wearing of masks regress the Hue Man to a primitive aggressive, riotous individual with little or curtailed cognition function. And you mention the WNBA, that went away lickity Split………….