Ancestry and DNA testing is one of the fastest growing consumer markets. Over 26 million people have access to their DNA profiles, but understanding these profiles is complicated — especially if you’re a descendant of enslaved people. To highlight itโ€™s complexity, Azie (who has taken over 5 DNA tests) explains her results with help from Dr. Joe Hanson of It’s Okay to be Smart. Together they explain the science behind determining your skinfolk from your kinfolk. #AfricanAncestry #DNAtesting #Geneology

Is this Ratchet or Runway:
Are You Black or African American:
How Do you Define Black Pride?:

Genetic Study reveals surprising ancestry of many Americans:
Genetic Ancestry Tests Don’t Change Your Identity:
Users of home DNA tests “cherry pick” results:

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  1. I took ancestry test and came out half native american. Not a surprise. But not knowing anything about the part of my background means it does not change much about me. These results just make me more interested to learn and study up on the people and history. Thanks for checking into this topic. When I got my results I was confused about how it was report over a map and across time. Then they updated the results a few months later and reduced my Jewish percentage to almost none. So that was even more confusing. Your video explanation really helped me see that the test result is an educated guess – which can change as more diverse sample get included in the mix. Thanx

  2. I haven't and will never get a dna test for ancestry. I don't trust the companies to dispose of my catalog and not all companies that the data is sold to work for the betterment of mankind.

  3. I didn't expect this to end in ethical data collection but this was great. Also Asantes are Akans. Akan is the umbrella, Asante is a collection of mostly Akans who rebelled against the Akyem empire and formed their own. Asante literally means "because of war".

  4. I am 25 percent sephardic jewish and 75 percent ashkenazi jewish basically. That doesn't tell me where I'm from tho. Does anyone know? Also, they act like building the pyramids was all fun and games. NO. They were built by slaves.

  5. As a Latin American, I donโ€™t think those companies have enough data from aboriginal people in whole America. I might have some European and African connection, of course; but I would like to know more about the aboriginal people in my home country. I wonder if they actually have connection with Asian people.

  6. There were no Neanderthals, as such. The false statement referencing Eve dating back 150,000 years is incorrect. Mitochondrial Eve didn't go back that far. The THEORY of evolution isn't scientific or even mathematically accurate

  7. My family did 23AndMe and Ancestry.Com to find out my grandfather's ethnicity (because he was silent about it) and SURPRISE… he and his family were a passing as white. They were born black in South Carolina and migrated North to Detroit and "became" white. Our black side of the family found us through the same sites as they were looking for their lost passing family members. It has been a beautiful reunion of families.

  8. Latinos be warned. Your DNA is literally going to come back from everywhere in the world. You will end up with more questions than answers. And in the end it will make you realized you were right to not pick a โ€œraceโ€ in the first place. Ethnicity is real, race is not, and culture is everything. Respect other people, love the planet. Appreciate the fact that thanks to this test, you are a master of geography, and a student of different cultures.

  9. Fun fact: Dr. Joe wrote his own joke(s) for this episode complete with breaks for Evelyn & Azie to react. I guess science can actually be fun sometimes, who knew?!