See-Through And Lace Play Suit Try-On Haul // Very sheer and very sexy play suits|Gill Ellis-Young style.
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So i came across the Youtube channel of Ms. Gill Ellis-Young, !!and i absolutely love the confidence of her sexy fashion and videos, and the body positivity she has as a confident woman over 50 and a mom and business woman. I admire such confidence and i decided to style this vlog after her style but with Fashionista Professor embellishments. accordingly I incorporate my African dancing in modeling or showcasing as can be seen in African Fashion shows. I also styled it with my chap thigh high boots and i made sure to show off the boots after the style of one of my favorite thigh high boots maker and vlogger Fernando Berlin in Boot Looks 2018 – Fernando Berlin Fashion Shoot Notice how the model raised her legs to show of the boots ..classic, I also attempted to do that in this vlog. I used what i remembered of my childhood gymnastic training and moves of leg raises to showcase the boots :-)😁
Check out some of the current Sheer Bodysuits or lingerie trends on Youtube

Anyway this is a review for the playsuit or body suit or as some will call it lingerie and well as review of the red ruffled Kikiriki coat which i have worn out for dinner with black jumpsuit. will tryt o insert the picture if i can find it. .Nowadays it is difficult to distinguish between lingerie and underwear from everyday wear. This is evidenced by sheer couture outfits from name brand designers like Gucci, Shiaparelli, Valentino etc, and this trend also trickles down to more affordable clothing lines like Shein, dolls kill , Fashion Nova etc. I especially loved some of the designers featured by Arts & Fashion in Evolving Trends in Runway Fashion – 2016 to 2017 Spring/Summer Seasons. The vlog highlights some of that evolution. As well as this Youtube vlog showing the lingerie style with nipple covers being worn on the red carpet
I am happy to see African American women, having the confidence to model lingeries on you tube, including some of my fav lingerie youtube African vloggers
Miz Itohan who actually dances or moves her body when showcasing lingerie, like , I love the energy. Fashion should be exuberant and an expression-of oneself.

In this vlog I actually model this modest elegant and sheer black playsuit or body suit or lingerie with nipple covers that can actually be worn with bra top or shorts or pants and thigh high boots for dinner. In this clog i styled it with nude strapless bra or top cover for modesty and patent chap thigh high boots and Runway style kikiriki Red ruffled coat. Perfect for runway trend or for dinner when coupled with a mini skirt for a unique look!!
I hope you enjoy the showcasing of this affordable shein lingerie XoXo FP

Striking A pose in my Shein lingerie:-)
Comment down below and let me know what you think of the sheer black bodysuit or playsuit.. This is part of my huge shein playsuit or bodysuit or lingerie haul. And I am breaking the review into 1 or 2 outfit reviews at a time so that the vlog will not be too long. 🙂 頻道每日製作及精選最新性感美女影片
Enjoy the vlog XoXo FP 敬請訂閱並按下小鈴鐺別錯過任何一部片
Kikiriki Red Ruffled Long coat S . Sold out
Sheer crystal bodysuit OS Sold out
Black patent Azelea Wang chap thigh high boots Sz 8 from my closet

Shopping is my Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). I get both the visual and sensory trigger. So Shopping and trying on clothes is a way of relaxation for me 🙂



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