Black Lives Matter of Sacramento protest in Oak Park on Friday May 30, 2020, over the police-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis earlier this week.

Video by: Paul Kitagaki Jr.


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  1. Man i'd be down with the movement if there demands weren't destructive to the black community it's all fucking bullshit they have know idea what the implications of they're demands are, there just angry thinking with the heart instead of their head.

  2. For Jesus Christ ALM – All Lives Matter. Everyone is a victim of sin. For God all lives are equal. God loves everyone unconditionally. Jesus Christ died and resurrected for remissions of everybody's pre-existing sin to save from eternal hell. Penalty of sin already paid by Jesus Christ on The Cross. Accept HIM. Be saved from sin and eternal hell. For free.

  3. In reality, Black Lives Matter More, that's open for you to interperate what I mean by that. The anti white agenda paints non whites as the victim in America in order to dehumanize us, and once they dehumanize us they rationalize and believe they have the right to inflict harm onto us. Anti whitism accuses us of being the eternal oppressors, and white people need to start defending themselves from it. Go Free of anti whitism and YT

  4. I pray for our American because we are being brainwashed and the best way to create a war is racist and people need to open their eyes because they are using teenage for violences and hurting people and children’s being kill but no one protested for children brown or light skin people being attack and destroy business. 📢📢📢📢🛡🛡🙏🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. PewDiePie:a racist rich white man who has profited HANDSOMELY off the backs of black fans, who then has the Jim Crow-style gall to drop the N word REGULARLY with such anger and vitriol (not to mention his other prejudices against Indians and Jews)

    Why have no BLM activists called out or cancelled him? Clowns like this feed nothing but hate into the media-saturated lives of our black children, within OUR HOMES, long before we have to step outside our doors to greet whatever institutionalised racism is thrown our way, an example of which was, of course, George Floyd's death.

    Now that the street protests have eased off, and for our futures, let us also be smart about our media consumption and who we choose to support and who we choose to confront ONLINE, as well as outside #cancelpewdiepie

  6. I'm definitely with the black matters movement. I do believe in peaceful protests. I'm saying yes black lives do matter just like everyone else lives matter but black lives do get forgotten and disrespected and jailed and killed for absolutely no reason just because there black so yes black lives matter!!! And it always will. All power to the people✊🏿


    K. B. M. A. {Keeping Black Men Alive} A NEW MOVEMENT By Dr Dennis Walter Smith Sr


    A NEW Movement and Radio Station ~ Created by Dr. Dennis Walter Smith Sr. (inspiration writer and motivator) ~ purposed with positive intervention on a personal and cultural level that outlines preventive measures to tragic outcomes of confrontation involving BLACK MEN at the helm of police authorities.

    K. B. M. A. focuses on personal and intrinsic values that will balance confrontational episodes with authorities and black males with new approaches and dialogue to decrease the percentages of deaths!

  8. Their chants are so stupid. What do they think it accomplishes, I wonder? None of them even know why they are protesting. Floyd didn't die because of racism, watch the entire fucking body cam video.

  9. If you think its okay to burn someone else's property/home you better start by burning down your own. Ask yourself the following questions.

    1. Which properties are okay to burn? How will they be chosen?
    2. Why is it okay for you to burn down someone elses property and not your own? (Destroy someones life and then go home to your comfy bed…how is that right?)
    3. What is the desired result?
    4. What will be the result? (Loss of jobs, loss of homes, destroyed communities, injuries, death, more poverty, more divison, more resentment)

    If a small inocent kid is raped, the person who raped that kid is a MONSTER. that person must be brought to justice. Not only that but that child that was raped is a victim. We should help the child, we should protect the child. Now…if the child out of rage burns down their neighbours house (who did nothing wrong), it's not right NOR justified. It's understandable…but NOT JUSTIFIED. The poor child still destroyed another home leaving another family devastated and on the streets. The child wasn't healed, the only result was more destruction to more people.

    Burning something down is EASY and LAZY. All you need is a lighter. Building a community is hard and takes time. It requires countless hours of work, money, and time. Dont be a lazy. Please reconsider your views. We need to help build communities, not destroy them.