Rush Limbaugh is a bigot and a racist. Rick Strom breaks it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Rick Strom




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  1. How about that little 5 year old white boy that was shot in the head by a black man?
    Was that racist? Come on, Young Turkeys, I just want to show the world how you can't condemn Black on White Racism. You will ignore it, lie about it, deny it, and run away from it. TYT Sports has declared WAR on the White Race

  2. I find it dumb that the same award given to people who have done things to improve America was given to a man who's known for racist comments. The Blaze, The Daily Wire, Breitbart, Tucker Carlson, and Rush Limbaugh, are normalizing racist media outlets.

  3. This Medal of Honour must be taken back from Limbaugh once 45 is removed from the White House (hopefully). Or, put an asterisk next to his name on the records. That along with all measures that have been implemented by 45 during those last four abject years.