Checking out the latest version of Neo Soul Keys, version 4.0, a must have EP library for anyone into the warm and organic sound of neo soul, gospel, urban, and rnb EP. Runs in the UVI Workstation, has a custom interface with an FX rack as well as master FX, ready to tweak everything from the tine, to mechanical noise, hammers, and all. Includes 6 EP instruments with over 100 custom presets.

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  1. Do you think you can do a video Review of Free Sample Packs from different Artists? If Yes Check Mine Out, It's Called J Smooth Soul's Made From Scratch. I've had over 900 People Download It But I Need Feedback

  2. thanks man your videos are always helpful . about the library , how would you compare it with lounge lizard and pianoteq 5 ? jamal's library is kinda expensive compared to lounge lizard which you can pick it up for 99$ and other features like the size and physical modeling same goes for pianoteq 5 .

    best wishes for you and jamal .

  3. Nice revue as usual Saintjoe. I've also followed Jamal Hartwell for many years from the early Yamaha keyboard line days.
    I've often requested for audio and midi loops or chord progressions to go with his products but it never happened.
    Jamal is such an excellent and talented player, I would buy his RnB, Neo, and gospel midi chords and loops with no questions asked because if he makes it, it's gonna be good…Lol.
    Now you have Tru-Urban Mike Kalombo as well as EZkeys line who sells chord / midi packs with others companies who is doing this.
    I just pray that some day, Jamal will add or do separate midi / chord packages to accentuate his key's product line. Is this still Kontakt available also?
    That's my opinion. Thanks again Saintjoe for that awesome revue. Peace & blessings.