Jay Bilas and Domonique Foxworth join Mike Greenberg on Get Up to react to comments made by Texas Longhorns football head coach Tom Herman about how fans act toward black college athletes.
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  1. I have never cheered for any player because of the color of his skin, eye color or hair style ??? I do not care about stuff like that and neither should any one else !! If you have a brain tumor, You don’t care about that sort of thing ! You want a very talented surgeon !!! If your in trouble you want a well trained policeman !! I think most folks feel the same !! I could be mistaken but We are all created equal in God’s eye so I’m with Him !!

  2. All Americans need to forget football and realize their freedoms are being systematically taken one by one, and oh yeah, stop legally killing millions of babies if you want God to bless America.

  3. Not hiring someone just because they are black. Tom Herman better win the BIG 12 this year or Austin, Texas should be showing him the door. Tom Herman is not earning his money. Same for that failure Shaka Smart. 3/4 of all college football and basketball players have no business being on a college campus.

  4. I did not know student athletes were special needs kids. They cannot make their own choices of what to major in like rest of the student body.

  5. This is what all Americans want. Another entertainment venue destroyed by politics. However, I am not surprised to see this coming from a Longhorn coach. Coaches should always be protecting their players rather than marching them in the streets in protests, Coach Herman. UT Austin has always been a leftist run university, at least since I was in college over 40 years ago. Hopefully Coach Herman's actions do not indirectly endanger his players. After all, Austin now has ongoing protests, with deaths, in the streets nightly. If you are a racist OF ANY SKIN COLOR don't go to the games. I wish great outcomes for every young man on any team's field when I watch college football. These players are given the opportunity to earn a college degree worth an extraordinary amount of money in exchange for playing college football, which brings in an extraordinary amount of revenue. Football, basketball and baseball revenue supports all other sports at these universities. Football more than the others. What these young men do with the opportunities being offered, are their choices and decisions. The last thing they need is the confusion of politics thrust into their lives. Life is confusing enough at their age. God Bless them, even if they are Longhorns.

  6. According to this you should feel the same for actors, if you like there acting, you have to agree with their politics or any other thing they do. Herman is a pleaser! Typical D Fox…it’s always everyone else’s fault, except the actual person who controls what they learn in college

  7. Since Herman’s been at UT they’ve had horrible recruiting classes. Could it be possible that he’s using this as a political ploy for recruiting purposes? Nah, I’m sure he means it….🤔

  8. When I cheer for football I don’t care about color of skin. I care about winning. This guy is a weenie who’s bending the knee to the liberal mob. All lives matter.

  9. It's not just players slot of students get out of college and not prepared for life after college slot of them drop out too they make it sound like it's just the athletes sometimes you need to prepare for life as your living it people's life changes all the time it's called a learning experience college might prepare you for a job but it's up to you how well you do in life

  10. Love how Herman ASSumes quite a bit about these white fans. Maybe these white fans who are essentially being called racists should stay home. Of course both commentators completely support Herman’s comments. MSESPN is the cnn of sports networks.

  11. Omg🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ footballs ratings are doomed this season on every level now. We watch sport to get away from the news. Not to be lectured

  12. At least there will be more than one black cheerleader,one black water girl,one black trainer certainly would give more blacks jobs on the college level and take away from the white colleges and hurt there pockets.whom mostly do all the hiring white people everything goes thru them why it’s such an imbalance so few black coaches cause so many white owners.i don’t know many places in America were black folks do the hiring.

  13. Simple explanation: Melanated people are ONLY loved and respected when they're wanted or needed for something. The more the ethnic majority benefits off of the hard work of minorities, the more tolerant and indulgent they are. Every pimp dotes on his bottom ho.

  14. what about college athletes and academic students. double stander there. let college athletes get admitted into college just like everyone else classes, g.p.a and sat score. athletic ability should not be a consideration to get into college.

  15. It’s not about what rhetoric you can muster up. It’s about how you truly feel in your heart of hearts. It’s about the things you do and say behind closed doors. Anybody can acknowledge the problem. That’s EASY. There will always be stupid people in this world. They will be silenced when their opinions are no longer amplified on the news by the media. The media is the divider.