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  1. Everybody has a different taste in Comedy. Some comedians are just funny all around, and some are an acquired taste. My favorite comedy is self deprecating humor. My favorite comedy special is Brian Regan – I Walked on the Moon :). I do love all types of comedy, but I am not so much into the raunchier type of humor like Joey Diaz's style. I have laughed at his stuff, but I would pass on it. I do love Bill Burr. Even though on the surface he seems to be against women he really isnt.

  2. You are beautiful I always see you cover up ♥️ I get I see myself on video I'm like oh heck no, but you two are energetic and hilarious, open up be yourself and have fun ! Love watching you guys new fan! Thanks 👍

  3. My favorite part in this one is where he talks about the one guy jumping over 9 dudes and all the white guys are standing there like "huh why didn't I think of that shit" lmao white men can't jump lol

  4. Humor seems to make the taboo approachable somehow. Like when comedians start joking about something, you can discuss it without as much tension. Next thing you know, we have a more accepting society. I sometimes think comedians are the modern day philosophers.

  5. Man with your laugh, it would have been hilarious having you watch Something about Mary, with The Waterboy trailer just before with my friends. We were rolling and you would have fit right in 🥃🥃🥃

  6. You are one of my favorite reactor couples. Keep up the good work! Side note: Bill is married to a beautiful black woman who is a writer, producer, etc. and they have an adorable little girl. I am sure this will give him a whole new perspective on things which will give him more to talk about. I just hope he doesn't involve them too much or in a negative way. Although I think his wife would probably dish it out on her own.