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  1. Thank you for another monumental interview, Brother Rich and Professor Griff. #chessandcheckers
    Sorry for your loss, brother.
    I agree that oppression should be resisted on many different levels–sports, politics, economics, media, religion, education, love, sex, metaphysics, etc.
    These athletes went in on their level refusing to participate in their chosen activity. We all should be thankful.
    Imagine the real power a man like Coach Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers) has. If he chose to refuse anything, serious changes would occur.
    Again, thanks for this channel. This is the most effective way to reach our folks. Please continue doing what you're doing.

  2. Well… 80% of the nation… Dont understand Slang.. considering since slang's meaning.. changes every other week… Now.. What threats? The KKK one that was made up by the president of student body? The KKK Symbol drawn in shit on the wall? LOL Anyone with common sense knows that KKK is a damn gang.. and Gangs dont Tag walls in "easily removable" fashions… Gangs like people and other gangs to see their "tags" permanently – Paint – Marker… Not Shit… Shit sounds to me like a symbol, That the KKK is a piece of shit. But that would be admitting that another person apart of this "protest" faking some shit… or the kid thinking hes invisible 90 miles away.. lol the problem with Dressing like a "Thug" is sold on television as a threat.. Television teaches that a Criminal Dresses this way. People learn alot of STEREO Types from television.. This would be the common sense White guy Talking… – Quit Being Racist Black folks.. We need to fight this fire with water, Not Fire. Racism isnt a jacket that only fits white people. Want to get rid of Racism.. It needs to be unacceptable in ALL communities.. Not just one community. That simple.

  3. they ( athletes ) need to also take a stand against: 1.. being a sell-out to their people , especially once they reach large contracts and money…and  2…being a part of the Illuminate control engaging in demonic behavior and blood sacrifices…the price for fame …so sad….. be satisfied with a modest living from your talent


  5. Brother Rich Peace and Love. Yo what's up with the Scientology building in Harlem? Why hasn't that issue been brought up? Who allowed that be orchestrated in HARLEM!? Please get the thoughts of everyone. Red & Blue , Griff ,Zaza , Brother Polite, the Israelites also just to name a few.

  6. He asked why some whites praise black people whom they derided previously is b/c these people are no longer an imminent threat in their mind to white supremacist ideology or global apartheid. This is the reason they have co-opted MLK's legacy & have attempted to hijack and misdirect Malcolm X's legacy (and not really being successful with that, now they have tried to insinuate he was homosexual to indirectly try to get black people to reject his legacy since they believe that most black people steeped in christian programming will revile anyone who is a known homosexual.)

  7. Peace Brotha Rich and Prof. Griff. Keep droppin that knowledge. Peace Brotha Joseph Kerr it is odd how we forget such important historical facts, especially in regards to recent history in the state of Missouri. Sadly enough you really don't have to look that far back to find out about the serious racial issues that plague that state. Shoot it is only a microcosm of what is being played out on a international scale. Peace always looking for knowledge thanks.

  8. +purple haze of course griff and zaza didnt chime in on the black boy that killed in chicago cause they are race baiters/ hustlers and speaking to black on black genocide is not their shtick

  9. Racism in this world is no longer acceptable. There is only one way to create just and fair society and it can be done in two simple steps:

    1) confiscate 40% of all assets owned by white people and 90% of all assets of white people whose ancestors owned slaves. All this money will be redistributed in the black communities as reimbursement for past racism.

    2) impose 30-95% income tax (depending on their income) on white males, as we are the most racist group in the world right now. This will be reimbursement for present and future racism.

    Progress cannot be stopped and must be pushed forward.

  10. Gotta watch these devilz..especially in the media..they want to throw out there that their "head coach" was "behind them" and they want to show pictures now with the white "teammates" etc. as well when it was the act of the Black players taking the stand..even Brotha Rich mentioned how it "appears" asians and craKKKerz are seen now "joining hands"..that's BS..that's the appearance "they" want to give now..for 1 to take some of the credit away from the Black students and what they accomplished ON THEIR OWN and 2 to appear like the school is more "unified" than it may appear "on the outside" and they all are "effected" by what's going on..the coach had no other fuccin choice but to co-sign the players because their "plantation" was exposed and now under fire and had he not backed them then it would be easily framed that he co-signs racist behavior which would be an even worse "pr" look for the university(craKKKerz got in his ear..he don't giva fucc about Black PEople because all he keep mentioning is the support of his "players" not mentioning the racism that effects ALL the Black students there and what's going on around this KKKountry for centuries……..)..and the Fact remains those craKKKerz wouldn't have a chance without the Black male athlete and if he didn't publicly show support it would destroy a lot of opportunities to recruit future Black athletes to that school in all sports(so we would hope..)..they were going to boycott with or without their head coach "support" so he was a f'n NON-factor just like any other non-Black who "attempted to show support"..that shit is all a "jedi-mind-trick" and Many of us peep how "the game is played"……..Black Unity can and Will Over Power ANYTHING and "they" know and are PETRIFIED of the FACT!!!!…….We don't need no "people of color" or craKKKerz in our affairs to get shit done………those Black students(the youth of missouri once again stepping up Harder than anybody else..)..Illuminated BLACK POWER!!!!!..to the World..PEace..

  11. I think these conscious brothas debating amongst one another need to stop. It's just a waste of time. The enemy agrees with all its peers on its bullshit and continues its agenda. Like Bobby Hemmitt said…it becomes masturbation

  12. I said it on Dr. Boyce channel and it's real..white folKKKz are truly PETRIFIED over the Courageous Revolutionary stance by those Black university of missouri football players made Along with the "Concerned Student 1950" led by Jonathan Butler..They showed the world and especially ameriKKKa what Justice of Else really looks like…….Black Power!!!!!..PE{A}ce.

  13. i'm hoping that all who want to learn are welcome here regardless of who their parents are…imo saying all white ppl are oppressors is the same as saying all blacks are this or that which is falling into the zionist social media contrived trap to get us fighting with each other…i appreciate what professor griff has to say

  14. It's hard to see some people do not get it when it comes to racism. Somehow interracial love excuses and denies the experience of a vast majority of the "black" community??? My hope is wearing thin, smh🤔

  15. It's amazing how some in the black community particularly those in Hollyweird are downplaying this as if this weren't fucking important and groundbreaking. This is a huge deal and should be broadcasted that way."

  16. It was a Missouri court that decided Dred Scott (Blacks had no rights Whites were bound to respect). It was Missouri that expelled the Mormons with a threat of extermination if they didn't go away. It was in Missouri where a bunch of Whites rioted to keep Black kids from swimming in a Whites-only pool (Fairgrounds Park Riot). It was in Missouri where Dr. Mark Ficken, the superintendent of the Boonville School District, got on the speaker to excite the crowd during the Obama rodeo incident at the Missouri State Fair. It was Missouri that became a slave state as a result of the Missouri compromise at the end of the American Civil War. Missouri enforced Jim Crow laws even though they were never part of the Confederacy. The state was, however, made an honorary member (the 12th state of the Confederacy). The headquarters of the Council of Conservative Citizens is in Missouri (specifically, St. Louis). Former Missouri Senator and US Attorney General John Ashcroft, infamous for opposing 'forced desegregation' of Missouri schools, had ties with the CCC. Jeff Roorda (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_153G1xfFU), a disgraced narcotics cop who used to make false statements against Blacks who later became the St. Louis Police Officer's Association President and Missouri State Representative, raised funds for Officer Darren Wilson. Rush Limbaugh was born and raised in Missouri (specifically, the southern, racist part of St. Louis). Listen to this man talk about Missouri's xenophobia starting at 4:29 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzt-WuE5_DY). Note how the man talks about how far behind in the times Missouri seems to be. You have men putting up racist Halloween displays (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Vp7g7ENqGw), you have the Klan recruiting in various cities (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzTOV0jyr5Y), all while White kids 'innocently' fly huge Confederate flags from the back of their pickup trucks (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJ0ZRND2rz0).

    St. Louis has been described as one of the most segregated large cities in America (Table 5, pg 8. http://www.manhattan-institute.org/pdf/cr_66.pdf) where one immediately knows when one is in a certain 'area'. Troost Street and Delmar-Boulevard are infamous as literal racial dividing lines. St. Louis above the Delmar divide is 98% Black with a median home value of $73,000; below the Delmar divide is 70% White with a median home value of $335,000 (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delmar_Divide). It's been said that Black-White interactions are minimal, that Blacks know not to go to the southern part of St. Louis, and that Whites who grew up in St. Louis may be completely unfamiliar with most of its urban parts. St. Louis is one of the larger cities known for its widespread use of restrictive covenants to deny ownership of real estate to Blacks, Asians, Mexicans, Jews, Catholics, and various European immigrants. Shelley v. Kraemer started in Missouri and restrictive covenants were eventually ruled unconstitutional.

    In terms of police, St. Louis County had a Sheriff that regularly ordered those under his command to target Blacks and would say such things as, "Let's have a Black day", "Stop everybody with a tan", "Stop everybody Black at the mall" and "Let's make the jail cells more colorful" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FW7Lz6qYeW4). Ferguson was where cops beat a Black man bloody and then charged him 'for bleeding on their uniforms' (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-Yg6fWxdLE). Ferguson had a population that was 2/3rds Black but only 3 of its 53 police officers were. Read the DOJ report on Ferguson and see how cops were arresting Black people for no reason at all, just fleecing the entire town with impunity. Pagedale is another example where cops are arresting Black people for 'manner of lifestyle' (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gHPs8jlSb4).