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In US news and current events today, former President Barack Obama, who has largely stayed out of mainstream politics since leaving office, has spoken up about the George Floyd protests and Black Lives Matter protests that have been sparked across the world.

For Obama, George Floyd is just the latest in a long line of racial injustices and inequity that have existed longer than the country has, and in his message to the Black and African American communities, he offers his support and encouragement for fighting for peaceful change. In the full Obama speech, he reminds the country that it was founded by revolution and protest, and that civil rights must be fought for.

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  1. By a group of wolves put on sheep skin, the BLM is being sabotaged. How to tell? By their fruit you can tell the trees.
    Look at this group they are preaching to the world but with lies, faking righteous, protecting the victim yet they are vandalizing, willful wanton and malicious destruction of the property of others.

  2. Or we could just acknowledge that cops are proven NOT to target black people and that the issue, is that were only addressing fictional issues rather than real issues.

  3. How dare you compare these groups of mobsters to Caesar Chavez or MLK, disgraceful.

    Isaiah 5:20

    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter

  4. Thank you Obama for speaking on this, thank you NowThis for sharing it. I have a handful of family members pushing "all lives matter" and some are even attacking Obama by trying to attract attention to the violence that has come out of the protests. I have been solid in my stance, supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and information like this is powerful to have so I can share and hopefully bring some people to the light.

  5. None of the issues he brings up was important to him or even addressed over the 8 years he was president. This is hollow and empty virtue signalling.

  6. Obama speaks with a forked tongue and thinks that whites won't see thru it but we do. He's a racist, communist, divider and treasonous. May God deal with him as he deserves.

  7. Obama was the biggest flop ever, and presided over a corrupt Democratic Elite. He's a liar and did NOTHING for black communities, he just put trillions in the pocket of Hillarys banker friends in new york. Not to mention he sold American Uranium production the Putin in exchange for NOT invading Ukraine. Got embarassed then collaborated with Hillary to PAID A UK EX AGENT to lie on their behalf to try to stop people realising that the US is now dependent on Russia for nuclear production – for nothing in return.

    Disgusting gross man. Look past the way that he talks, and look at his actions.

  8. How come under Obama, black unemployment was at an all time high, black on black killing all time high, black middle class mean wealth was down, but under Trump that all turned around? I'm not a trump supporter. These are just facts. And I'm shocked. Why is this?

  9. You talk about prayer? your anti blm video did you rembrr that one? you talk about covid do you forget the Chinese refuse l to let their country be inspected to locate its origin nope. Your a fake Obama and God knows your true identity you can lie through your teeth to whoever you want but never can you fool God.

  10. Political propaganda has got blood on people's hands, look at where BLM all started and it will lead you to more propaganda!!?? Why not talk about that Mr Obama??

  11. Unfortunately Obama did NoTHIng for the black comunity, Obamas greatest achievement was to give nuclear Power to his fellow muslim brotherhood of Iran so they can Chant death to america louder and louder… Obamination was a disgrace for America and His Vice still barking to raise taxes and wants to cuddle with China….

  12. with no festivals and division instead,
    maybe we should talk about peace, feel free to check new song "Summer Hummer , We Are The Peace"

  13. The dislikes and a lot of the comments here are why you Americans can't be taken seriously by the rest of the world. Obama was an educated, graceful, and empathetic president that the world respected, but then you decided to throw all that respect away when Trump – the egocentric, tangerine oaf – became president.

  14. He has got some audacity to give his opinion. Under his watch a lot of Black Americans died. He also kitted the Cops out with some serious state of art military gear too !. Under HIS watch!.