Police have attacked journalists reporting on Black Lives Matter protests more than 100 times in the past week.
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In US news and current events today, despite freedom of the press, police are attacking journalists nationwide. Here’s a compilation of reporters being targeted for doing their jobs.

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  1. Hm its like cops are coping people that target any cop.

    You know that scene in karate kid with the jaden Smith and the snake…. Wonder if humans just mirror eachothers behavior. Noone cares about anyone they dont know and lets fear and liars looking for votes hide the truth by only telling half of it and divide the country in the processes.

  2. if someone hasn't met demonic power yet here is a living example of what the policiii people do !!! towards the anchors in the car 2 the wheels are punctured while hitting the window and shooting with a smasher, of course the muscles will work properly. and finally 3 so clear and pure the immediate action then when you are already shocked! NA signs like this and similar show that they are hungry demons through the cops and so much so that there are people who enjoy this demonic relationship! This is when there is madness and madness even normal people go crazy and this is just a very but very careful start! So let’s stay sober and stay away from demons because they’re going to digest themselves! They love to feed on the forces of fear and trembling through anyone!

  3. “Your f*cking terrorists!”

    Lemme show you who’s terrorist.

    Have you seen those people braking fences , slamming cops, spray painting cars, vandalizing? Yeah those people.

  4. Journalists are symbols of freedom of speech. US has totally lost it, they used to be in front with human rights but now it looks like it's purely the money and power talking

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