Love Sundae EP6 แนะนำ Comics ที่น้ำหวานชอบฟังนะคะตามนี้เลยค่า

1. Jinx Yeo – Asian Nerd
♠︎ Roasts British 4vWE
♤ Roast America

2. Rishi Budhrani
♠︎ Channel:
♤ Racist Math Problem

3. Jimmy O Yang
♠︎ Channel:
♤ Asian Dad

4. Ronny Chieng
♠︎ Why Asian People Loves Money

5. Fluffy
♠︎ Channel:
♤ 6 Levels of Fatness
♠︎ Black Siri
♤ Fluffy Stopped by Border Patrol

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Nw Rainbow Draw

What a Koh Goh Day!

NW Daily Feel Good 2

NW Simple Puns Draw

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