Pastor Mark Burns shares his support for the Republican candidate on ‘America’s News HQ’

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  1. One need only visit any city ran by the democratic party. These cities are in ruins. Let us start with the schools. Teachers just about can not be fired. I say if teacher can not educate they should be fired.

  2. I dont like the label African American. I like black Americans. There 100 percent americans. People should know Africa is there origin. Im from korea. I don't say im Korean american. My kids are half Guatemala. I dont say there Guatemala korean American. The European descendants dont say im greman American. My adopted mothers lineage comes from England. She never says she is English American. She says she is American. When a black man says whats his citizenship. Just say im American. We all know what color people are unless youe blind.or stupid. Its just more race baiting crap the news do.

  3. Pastor ,Pastor, pastor, !!!! slow down and let this person tell you that Donald Trump is like!!! He's trying to show you that the black people are supposed to vote for hillary! He don't want to hear you speaking for Trump!! He wants you on the Clinton band wagon!!! DONT SAY ANYTHING POSITIVE ABOUT DONALD J. TRUMP!!! HE DONT WANT TO HEAR IT!!!

  4. well said pastor, Trump has said what he would do,
    this reporter is not listening , it's not colour , it's helping
    people to get jobs and better schools e.t.c

  5. Who is this dick of a journalist? He sounds like a MSNBC shill. Does he have anything to say positive about Trumps Tax plan, choice for schools, purging of criminal illegals, Renegotiating of horrible trade deals that we have, repatriating money that has left the country, etc etc etc. They aren't listening!!!

  6. They find money the money every time they need to do something over seas. They find the money to give to Iran. They find the money to give the Vatican. They find the money to waste on all kinds of things. So why can't they take some money and put it into inner city schools???? Or inner city programs for the youth after school. Or to let parents send their kids to better schools. They come up with the money to line their pockets, but this guys want us to believe that now we are broke??? How about a program for blacks in low income areas, or inner city areas where there is no jobs, so blacks can start their own businesses??? With on interest loans, and a really low payment plan to help inner city blacks start their own business??? who will not pay taxes for a set time?? Maybe some of those empty building can be filled again with people working instead of people just hanging out. Or maybe blacks own more of the businesses than people from other nations who come here???? It is the same shit different people, and I pray that the blacks will vote Trump. Trump 2016!!!!