The teacher said last week, two families complained when they saw the poster hanging during her virtual class.

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  1. It depend on what information the teachers is passing on. that cops are not always right and they make mistakes . Is one thing. but teaching the student that all cops raciest is another thing. It is also the teachers job to make sure the students know it is the citizen duty to make sure that bad cop are removed from the job. Bad politician are remove from office. To ask why Ted Cruz Dianne Feinstein

  2. Dam wright they got all over a kid because a teacher said she saw a rifle hanging in his room ! First off it’s none of there fucking business what’s in a persons house second it was a dam BB gun. And NO apology given, those posters have NO business in teaching from home or school ! Wake up ya brain dead people and see just what’s up the Democrats are after your kids don’t blame anyone but yourselves later on

  3. This is interesting to me. So as a teacher we are being pussed to promote LGBT to pre-schoolers-12th grade. They want posters and books visible promoting LGBT. They changed signs on the bathroom for us to bring boys and girls to the same bathroom. They want us to tell the kids there is no gender we can't even call the stuffed animals in the class he or she because that might offend someone. So we can cater to that community but no other community And this teacher can't have up black lives matter. 🤦‍♀️ help me understand they said our classrooms must be all inclusive to all cultures all backgrounds. Then we do it and still get in trouble. Teacher's are so unappreciated we work so hard for these kids and we are torn down for trying our best. Very sad. Next time you see a teacher please say thank you and smile.

  4. By complaining that a poster acknowledging black matter is a distraction, is divisive, confirms your implicit racist views, that you're teaching to your children, which contradicts what the teacher teaches.

  5. It sounds like most of the ones that are against this poster are all White which the poster is simply saying that black lives matter too so how is this poster offencive to those parents those parents and other people's like those parents are just haters and they hate the poster because the poster is actually talking about them and people's like them who think black lives doesn't matter

  6. Those are bigotry hating parents that think black life doesn't matter that's why they don't like the poster those parents are bigots so I feel sorry for those children a lot of racist bigots try to disclude black people's from the lives matter chart we all know everyone lives matter but you have those who believe black lives doesn't matter so that's what the black lives matter movement is about letting the rest of the world and Society know that our lives matter as well so keep on hating racist hell is getting Fuller

  7. So it's ok to say God bless. But not OK to have a BLM poster in the background of a virtual classroom? 😒 🤔
    Who cares!? Is this REALLY bothering the KIDS, or their close-minded right wing parents??

  8. My teachers weren't allowed to even tell us if they were Democrats or Republicans. Or what religion they were. This is way out of line. Especially now that white Americans are being called "European Colonizers" by BLM. Might as well have a poster taking a side in Isreal vs Palastine.

  9. Yep, just what we need, teaching kids to hate themselves because they are white. And then there's those nice signs BLM carry though the streets saying "Only good cop is a dead cop" and "Save a life, kill a cop today". Real nice people we want influencing our children. Good job parents.

  10. If the teacher wants to make the children all feel good, where are posters about freedom of religion. Teaching tolerance of people's different belief systems. Or posters about tolerance of freedom of speech. How about posters saying, "Bullying Is Wrong". There are many topics she could be addressing that students need assurance on.
    In other words, All Children's Lives Matter. They are, our future.

  11. applaud this teacher for trying to make sure each child feels loved but nothing unrelated to education should be displayed or discussed in the classroom.
    I can remember when teachers would talk about politics when election time rolled around. It was never just about the process and who were the candidates running. They always had to throw their personal opinions in on candidates without any concern over the feelings of students. This teacher does not know who is upset by this particular message or why they are only offended by that particular message but personal beliefs should remain at home because people have the right to believe what they want to believe and expose their children to what they believe appropriate.

  12. It’s divisive to people who don’t think Black Lives Matter. We need to just say that. That there are racist people who are tired of hearing it let’s just say that we need to call it out and say it plainly and not accuse a teacher of being divisive.