Prof Chris Whitty

Children are more likely to be harmed by not returning to school

the chances of children dying from Covid-19 are incredibly small

Missing lessons damages children in the long run

Covid-19 would be a challenge for at least nine months

vaccine unlikely before the end of the year

reasonable chance, for winter in 2021-22

All England back next month

Scotland back already

Illegal gatherings

70 + unlicensed street and house parties on Saturday night

Meeting of 300 people


1,000 + unlicensed events since the end of June

Organisers now could face fines in England

Attenders, smaller fines, doubling on each offence

Also those who flout face coverings where mandatory, public transport, shops, supermarkets.

Robert Redfield (CDC)

Turning the tide in the South

E.g. Arizona




Restaurants limited

Being smart about crowds

Bars closed

Retail open

2 weeks cases went up

4 weeks later, back to where they started

2 to 4 weeks delay

Infections to date

1 – 20%

Parts on NY city, 20 – 25%

30 – 60 million people infected to date

Herd immunity

Need to get R under 1

30 – 50% history of immunity PLUS mitigation strategies

Partial held immunity


Increase flu vaccine with confidence


Mitigation PLUS vaccination could make this a minimal flu season

9, 300, 000 million additional doses acquired

Pharmacists vaccinating, 3 years and older

Overwhelmed hospitals increase mortality

COVID Vaccination


Distribution networks being developed now

Addressing Influenza Vaccination Disparities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

2018 – 2019

Overall 45.3 %

White 48.7 %

Black 39.4 %

Hispanic 37.1 %

American Indian / Alaskan 33.1%


Wildfire smoke

Irritate the lungs

Cause inflammation

Immune effects

More prone to infections and COVID – 19

Only N95s work

Smoke symptoms

Dry cough

Sore throat

Difficulty breathing

COVID symptom

Fever or chills

Muscle or body aches


Red flag symptoms

Chest pain


US, Brazil, India

Daily infections increasing

Low testing


Uttar Pradesh, Bihar in the north

Southern states

South Korea

Cases, + 397

Greater Seoul region

Restrictions large gatherings, whole country, services, nightclubs, karaoke bars,
internet cafes, beaches closed


Parliamentary Golf Society dinner, last week

hours after tightened restrictions

Coronavirus vaccine: Short cuts and allegations of dirty tricks in race to be first

In this race, accusations of short-cuts, espionage, unethical risk-taking, jealousy, vaccine nationalism

Lawrence Gostin, Professor, Georgetown University

The reason the Covid-19 vaccine has taken on such political symbolism is that the superpowers have seen the vaccine as projecting their scientific prowess, actually validating their political system as superior


UK, US and Canada accused Russia’s spy agencies of hacking into vaccine research, stealing data

Thomas Bollyky, director of the global health program, Council on Foreign Relations

There have been short cuts taken for sure, particularly in the Russian case

Testing within the military

Locking up large initial doses of supplies of vaccines

Vaccine diplomacy

Dr Tedros, 18th August

Richer countries should join a global programme to share vaccines with poorer nations
We need to prevent vaccine nationalism

Challenge trials

30 experimental vaccines in human trials

All have been told to maintain social distancing, and not to seek out coronavirus

50% placebo

Vaccine might not work

Brazil, US

1 day sooner

Volunteers, 35,545

Counites, 160

Influenza, malaria, typhoid, dengue fever, and cholera

If, 25% of lives saved

1 day saves 1,250 lives
1 week saves 8,750 lives
1 month saves 37,500 lives
3 months saves 112,500 lives

Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health

Biomedical and public health research

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  2. Bushfires promote lung cancer you twisted mental sick tree huggers. We need to have di-annual controlled burns or have you charged with manslaughter for deaths resulting from bushfires

  3. @drjohncampbell sir please help govt of India forcefully putting lives of 2.5 million students & their parents cum whole family in serious health danger by forcefully conducting #JEE on 1-5 SEP(1 million aspirants) & #NEET (total 1.5 million aspirants) in 13 SEP in this PEAK cases per day & accelerating Cases per day in India…I request humbly to please raise your voice with students & put it on ur daily Videos so that millions of people out of India who r watching Videos can raise their voices in Support of 2.5 millions students community of India please help us students sir request U to do whatever u can do… Thank u
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  6. Think that the hefty fines will hopefully put the organisers off having raves and discourage the chav culture. All the fault of Instagram, telegram, WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook, Snap Chat as well. Just get rid of social media totally and that way gaslighting for these events will stop. It's inconsiderable and selfish, above all god damn dangerous especially in a pandemic because theres no social distancing and I believe some who've gone to raves are carriers of covid-19. Just absolute pricks really, hate giving inflammatory language, but it's the truth. The truth hurts on this I'm afraid.

  7. Re education, many EU countries have much later school start ages than the UK now and academically the EU kids etc perform rather well…

  8. Dr. John, no masks, bars, lack of distancing, controlled retail, are why cases go down. No word of protests in America. Can’t knock protests here in America. John’s becoming more American everyday. Running joke here in the US, if you want a large gathering call it a peaceful protests. Jolly good show John, always a lot of great information. Thank you sir

  9. Dr. Campbell, if Prof Whitty needs proof about diseases children can get mumps or chickenpox and get mildly sick and be at risk for other complications which also can affect learning, I am hearing impaired as a result of mumps my sister had mumps she suffered high fevers and had to go to the hospital whereas my own mother could not even tell I was sick. While I know this is blistering news only to me, I will take the risk have a shot of the covid 19 I'd rather science and medicine educational schools be prepared for side effects of COVID 19 cause we don't know what learning affects after the virus has done its number on the human race, just saying.

  10. Hello Dr 😁 Still catching up lol . Been busy .

    Seriously … Who's giving thumbs down and WHY?
    I'm so glad to have found a thorough person to pick it apart. People.

    Thank you for showing up, as always 😁👏

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  12. Thankyou for your shared knowledge. Just wanted your thoughts on administering adenovirus vaccine vectors or molecular clamp vaccines and how informed we will be before we give consent. At this stage I've not seen information about mutagenesis or oncogenesis. I guess the debate is, do we risk it?

  13. i'm against 'challenge trials', it's against all medical ethics, and rightly so
    there is no such thing as informed consent for serious bodily harm. And like "think tanks", there's usually big money hiding behind it. Jenner's 'young boy' was an orphan from an orphanage – 'nothing' in the society of that time, disposable. It's remembered because it succeeded – all those who were used where it failed have dissappeared into history. Jefferson used an orphan to hold the kite electricity was conducted down, to be electrocuted. The homeless children of Dublin were rounded up and deported as slaves in the 18-19 century. Those of Brazil's slums wiped out by the police in the 90s/00s at the request of shopkeepers etc, just as beggars are moved on in this country and for the same motives.

  14. you talk about being clever: knowing something, being able to analyse it, and being able to explain it to someone else are completely different skills. Before my breakdown and brain damage,i was amazing at the first two, but i've never managed even the simplest thing in the latter. You excel

  15. I'm surprised John that you are so forceful in your opinion of the need to wear masks in public given the growing evidence that masks do not stop the virus. The virus particles are far smaller than the mask weave. Also the constant adjusting of the mask gets germs on to the mask and spreads the virus to the wearer. If a mask wearer has the virus and touches the mask they get germs onto objects eg supermarket products. People don't stand 2m apart when wearing them as they think they are protected now, plus as the mask smothers your mouth nobody can hear you talk properly anyway so people stand closer to talk. All more reasons that masks don't have the intended effects.

  16. What a brilliant opportunity to raise revenue at 5:20!
    If this was Australia, the police would stop a bus at random and give everyone onboard that was not wearing a face covering a fine (note: I don't think they actually do that in Australia, but this is the kind of thing they do, eg. booze buses = stopping every single car on the highway for 20 mins and breath/drug testing every single driver).
    Source: I lived in Victoria for 10 years.

  17. I think you should state what is in the placebo being used in vaccine testing. I have always assumed a placebo was an inert product like saline sollution, but have found out that vaccines are not tested against saline. How can they truly tell that a vaccine does no harm, if they do not test it against an inert placebo?

  18. Thank you sir for the videos. Very helpful. One think you said which I’ve heard/read other wise was the mutation rate of SARS cov2 was slow. The cold coronavirus have been called slow mutations, I’ve seen studies of SARS cov1 saying a moderate mutation rate and with SARS cov2 a fast rate. That may change how you look at things.

    I very much appreciate your break down of articles out there, and simply finding articles I haven’t come across yet is great. Thank you again sir.

  19. People are selfish. Simple as that.
    And after being told 24/7 masks are useless, they now don't trust the claim that masks work! (We all know it's the latter, that they cut the viral load at the bare minimum) so this flouting of the law mask side is Holyrood/Westminster's fault.

  20. The R0 will be different if we are careful and use mitigation strategies, the R0 of four only exists the way we were behaving before and is only an average, gather a bunch of people in a bar tightly together or in large uncontrolled rioting crowds and you doubtlessly have a much higher R0 within those groups driving the average up. Not to be political, but those people don't care about anyone.

  21. What I don't usually seen mentioned is that the flu vaccine is typically only about 40% effective. Of course, it will help – as will using the COVID minimization practices. There is also some evidence that, if a vaccinated person does catch the flu – the progress of the illness is somewhat milder.

  22. This is a very basic overview of virology and immunology in relation to this pandemic that for some bizarre reason are not being discussed by the scientific mainstream. There are likely dozens if not hundreds of corona virus antibody immunity's in all of us right now from historic past pandemic outbreaks. Right now in present time there are 7 corona viruses circulating the globe that nobody really even knows exist by virulence dilution from our internal immune defense mechanisms and antigenic shift (mutations). (This is also precisely the reason why there has never before in history been an effective vaccine for a cor/virus, the virulence is invariably weakened and the spike and surface proteins will have altered multiple times by the Ribosome's error prone replication system inside the cells nucleus long before any vaccine has time to be developed and tested) Even though SARS-cov-2 is considered a novel virus, our immune system recognize cov19 at least in a partial RNA sequencing and the foreign invader is usually snuffed with relative ease and commonality. In microgenetics terms by definition there are no such things as a totally novel and independently genetically coded virus, they all share similar RNA sequencing and hijacked and borrowed protein micromachinery. This is precisely why Sars-cov-2 goes undetected and is completely benign and harmless in the vast majority of the populations infections because there is partial antibody T-Cell memorization recall recognition occurring with almost everyone across the globe, making the virulence malignancy very weak within the healthy population. The problems only really occur with corona as with flu virus infections when the immune system is damaged or isn't working properly from immunity degradation in very old people or people with severe chronic comorbidity's or other immunocomromise diseases.

  23. Ridiculous! Death rate is EXTREMELY low we now know and have destroyed the economy. You have been on this soap box for far too long and have been proven wrong.