Chicago is launching a health campaign focused on the city`s black and brown communities as data shows a disproportionate number of African American residents have died of COVID-19 complications.

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  1. Vitamin D deficiency affects 80% of the Black community which is the real crisis. People with low vitamin D are more prone to the virus also the underline conditions like diabetes according to the American Diabetes Association.

  2. Dark-skinned people need 5 to 10 times more sun than white-skinned people to get enough Vitamin D and why they are more prone to respiratory disease when living in sun restricted regions.
    They picked the worst time to roll out 5G. (During the winter flu season and the worst solar minimum in 200 years).
    Solar minimum reduces UVB which weakens the sterilization of the toxic environment and reduces the synthesis of Vitamin D. It also causes a coronal mass ejection (CME) which is a significant release of plasma and accompanying magnetic field from the solar corona which adds to the electrosmog. (It's why it's called the corona virus).
    Earthquakes, volcanoes, flooding, cool weather and crop failure will be next.

  3. good i hope all the blacks get it and save the government big $$$$$ and why is is it stress for them? They get more free handouts then any other race wtf?

  4. Well yeah duh, they are in the streets partying at night with no social distance and no masks. Of course they are dying faster because they are making no effort to protect themselves. There is a handful of the black community nation wide that are taking proper precautions and it has NOTHING to do with poverty

  5. What they're not reporting is the age group of the black victims. They're making it sound like COVID is out there preying upon black neighborhoods and it's white people's fault.

  6. The majority of African Americans live in cities and states controlled by rich Democrats lets note. Not too many Black Republican congressmen and mayors that I've noticed. Gee why would voting for Democrats make a health care system less effective contrary to what most the media owned by rich Democrats tells us?

  7. Why is no one thinking about vitamin D deficiency in black Americans ? Their skin is meant for a sunny environment and their skin produce less vitamin D. Women over 60 have calcium and vitamin D supplements at least in India.
    Vitamin D is essential for balanced immune reactions .

    I am amazed that even in such situations people can make racist comments.

    I am brown.

  8. This is a complete lie, my uncle good rest his soul, died from something unrelated to this virus and was marked and written down that he pass from covid were fighting ot NOW as we speak the news and government are lying about all this, it's sad that once you tell a lie big enough, bombard the masses everyday and night with it. that people start to believe it & it's deemed as truth..

  9. Why did Illinois and Chicago allow international flights to be funneled to O'hare? Maybe the same reasons that the Mexican drug cartels chose Chicago as the national distribution hub.
    The failure of the Trump administration does not exempt the governor or the city of Chicago from responsibility.
    You own this.

  10. I do not belive it plus ,is it not a city and have many black people., Why is it when things happen i it always come down that black people hsve the biggest probkems.coukd it be tgst in communities we have the worst equipment and less funding please spare me. And is everybody dieing only from this virus and Yashusa bless those who have passed. Take care folks and wear your mask and gloves, or make your own. I do peace

  11. Someone call al sharpton, jesse jackson and black lives matter because we need to fight this racist virus. We Will lock covid-19 in jail. Oh, we will protest the racist covid-19 virus. Lol

  12. Not discounting Diet, jobs etc, Folks take your Vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D is vital for the efficient functioning of the immune system. 42 percent of Americans are Vitamin D deficient. 82 percent of Black Americans are Vitamin D deficient. In nature, skin + sunlight creates Vitamin D. White and Black skins make Vitamin D at different rates. If you're white and living near the tropics, use sunscreen, prevent skin cancer, too much sun is not your friend. If you are black, and not living near the tropics, take your Vitamin D supplements too little sun is not your friend.

  13. The UNDERLYING problem is the cover up of those turning away in being aware that most of the poor area  housing for blacks  in areas like New York, Chicago and other metro areas have a huge black mold, mildew and fungus pollution within their dwellings.
    One historical check within the last 20yrs will prove the black mold problem for lower income and public housing areas.
    Google: July 18 2018
    "Creeping Black mold throughout public housing,'
    Prolonged exposure to mold particles when breathed in causes lung ailments such as asthma and chronic bronchitis just to name a few.
    So as you have been informed those with weakened immune systems are more likely to contract the caronavirus and become very seriously affected with little hope of recovèry.
    Therein lies the problem for low income and poor Blacks and Latino American citizens.
    Do a past 20 historical research on the black mold/mildew problem and the compromised health issues.
    At the end of this day one can see and attest to and realize the reasoning behind the high count of caronavirus attacks and deaths of lower income people of color.
    See the truth before you issue out partial proof and analysis of your racially divided coronavirus theories.
    Check the dwellings for mold out of control in dwellings wherein low income areas for black and people of color.
    Why aren't the spokespersons talking about the real issue of low income blacks being slowly poisoned due to the mold within the rental properties.
    Someone please SPEAK UP!!!!!
    Do the research!!!!!

  14. All I heard was non stop race baiting B.S.! When they said "low paying jobs", the immediately showed a clip of a black automotive technician. How is that a low paying job? It's a respectable and admirable job to have.

  15. No fukin comment on this serious situation turned to propaganda to blame the white people.fuckin disgusting behavior during a pandemic.sorry for the people in Chicago I'm. Very empathetic towards your sorrow especially not knowing if myself or my loved ones are next.

  16. People who don't follow the rules, don't exercise, smoke, eat poorly even when given the chance to eat correctly, no drive to do better, violence against each other, leads to death. Mystery solved.