Amid reports that the coronavirus has had a disproportionate impact on African-Americans, Oprah Winfrey is stepping forward to sound the alarm in her latest Apple TV special. She tells TODAY’s Hoda Kotb that the disease is “ravaging our community” and warns about a rumor that coronavirus doesn’t affect black people.
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Oprah Winfrey Talks About Coronavirus Impact On Black America: ‘It’s Taking Us Out’ | TODAY

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  1. How freaking ironic, these news reporters do not have on masks but telling the public it is critical and should wear them. I know i was not born yesterday but aint this the same concept as calling the black kettle black, morons!

  2. Opra 10 million, donation, for a tax right off, and only for black people is , racist. You pay little or no tax. Everybody is infecting everyone, black, brown ,olive , red , yellow, are not the only people that have serious medical conditions or have to work in the public. Your a joke Opra, 10 million are you serious. You are Greedy, Racist , and have always been out for yourself. The people that look up to you , don’t have enough common sense to see through you. Systemic racism, should start with you. Ty.

  3. The Coronavirus virus is impacting all people, we are all going through this and we are all suffering. We all need to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for help, He is our answer.

  4. Are you kidding me , the wife of the black mascot of wall street is going to complain about her melancholy while real people are actually deciding whether to pay the rent or buy food. Her behavior is comparable to ivanka holding up that can of beans.

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  6. This skank said our community. You live in a community of billionaires. ……………………It's a set-up! Since when did white supremacy care about African Americans? You can get the vaccination if you want…but not me. Let all the white people get it first.

  7. Very disturbing painting that "happens" to be behind Oprah!!!
    Is this Oprah 1,2 or 3??
    Look into deepfake, the movie the Congress and then Congress deepfake!!!
    Can we trust the images on the screen?? No!!
    Deepfake isn't anything new, Forest Gump in the Whitehouse and other "his-storical" places…

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  10. White Power

    Said Izzy do u know the difference between black people and Brown people I said I would know the difference white power because I'm gold ranger

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers out of all the color Rangers the gold ranger was awesome

  11. Actors are Jokers
    Their job is pretend to be somebody else…
    They don't know s***
    Before actors or actress they were dishwashers and waitress NOW there's nobody only pretenders..

  12. Does Oprah help white men to stay in power to opresspress. black people. It seems. She doesn't reach out to black men to give them a plate form an very few blaxk women

  13. Sorry Oprah you have no connection with the common black man. Poor whites have more in common with the general black community than you. So STOP pretending to make it about you.

  14. The reason is Vitamin D deficiency. Check out Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Joe Rogan. African Americans can't absorb Vitamin D from the sun, so they have much higher deficiencies.

  15. Omg…really…oprah dont got time for the black community to rebuild or help during the time in need. She got billions but help certian states she like.

  16. Shame on you Oprah Winfrey – you have 24/7 doctors that you pay with your billions of dollars to ensure you do not get covid-19.

    I have $12.73 to last the rest for the next 16 days. Peanut butter, bread and pinto beans will be all I have to eat.

    So yeah I feel so sorry for you Oprah, NOT.