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Visit: for More resources. How to turn almost any chord to be more jazzy instantly by applying these simple rules.

Virtual Keys Used:

My Equipment List:

Video Equipment:
Camera Used –
Camera Lens –
Camera Hardrive –
Video Capture Card –
Photo Camera –

Audio Equipment:
Audio Interface –
Keyboard/Synth –
Monitor Speakers –
Mixer –
Main Mics –
Singing Mic –

Misc Equipment:
Main Computer –

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  1. this is amazing content for experienced musicians. I love that this is and feels like you're in a room with these dudes and soaking it in. Nothing substitutes hearing great musicians in a room.

  2. Love the video. Although as someone who’s not great at piano and more of a producer I was trying to pick out the notes you were playing by watching your hands, but the way you light your keyboard makes it super hard to see what notes you’re playing because of the shadows. I don’t know if that’s even easy to fix, but just a suggestion. It would help novices like me follow better!

  3. First scale I learned back in 6th grade was that Bb scale. Used it for at least 30 or 40 tracks I threw out for my friends and their projects. Never knew it could be applied in even more contexts, particularly in some of my favorite music. I like this guy a lot. Opened up some doors in such a short amount of time.

  4. Can someone help me? Why does the video end with him saying neo-soul likes to go from Bb to C or Bb to Ab. Whats the theory behind that? Is it because C is II in the key of Bb, and Bb is the II of the Ab? Thanks!