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  1. What a stupid moron, it would be expensive to make such plastic fish with that kind of detail. Your lazy bum African store keeps fishes for centuries in the freezer, proteins become denatured.

  2. I watched a video where a warehouse was busted in Taiwan for making fake shrimp out of some kind of jelly crap. I have gotten plastic rice at Dollar Tree in the US. It smells really bad like chemicals when you cook it

  3. I have seen this with other foods, this is outrageous. Why would any human being want to make money putting this on the table of the hard working people who are trying to feed there families. I have no doubt this is a sign of the world becoming a place of Greed despite the cost to the soul. It needs to end. When man gets back to man this will end until then all involved should go to prison and be fed what the sowed. I can not begin to wonder what this will do to a child;s growing and wellness. When we shame the Greedy and stop the haves while taking advantage of the have not this will end. We are all Gods Children and no man should own the world.

  4. Why u ask others to do it for you !!
    Can't you your own research on how or how come it's in the market , n who is doing this !?
    Instead of just saying ohh please someone do something !!?

  5. I left my bunch of my snapper in my freezer for 1 year and it dry up like that very light and will flow on water like paper , this people don’t know anything just like to guess and talk bad about other without knowing things .

  6. Not undermine anyone but that is real fish not plastic. When animal flesh goes through a number freezing-defreezing cycles, the cell membranes break down. The natural texture of the fish meat is lost. The video is consistent with one would expect the damaged fish flesh to look like. Nothing sinister there. Only that the fish is not fresh. I would not buy it on that basis.

  7. Wow!!!! I am wondering is it because of money that these people are making fake foods and fishes or just plain evil..whatever their reasons, may God punish them one by one, be caught and put into prison.