Trump surrogate provides insight on ‘Fox & Friends’

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  1. This bitch is a hypocrite and a fake. She's only for Trump because she's bought and paid for! She voted for Obama twice and worked in the Clinton Whitehouse.

  2. Meanwhile, Hillary will hold the door open for women to abort their children and tell them that it is for their own good. This probably is so that her she can ease her own conscience.We all know that the major percentage of abortions are done as a form of birth control. Look at what is happening in Syria due to liberalism. Yet, on the other hand, they encourage taking in refugees who spit babies out like pez candies. This is insanity! If Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were so serious about freedom and democracy, than why have they never gone to war with Saudi Arabia?
    Donald Trump believes that a woman can be successful and a mother. He wants to bring back the values and morals that so many have thrown aside due to lack of hope. There is a saying " never mess with a man who has nothing to lose" and we see this everyday. It's time to get back the pride and dignity of a hard days work and vote for a man who values the American Dream!

  3. Parading a brown-skinned woman in front of the T.V. isn't going to encourage Black people or anyone else to vote for Trump; that is insulting. And who is Omarosa; and what does she have in common with the man on the street? Who is the white community outreach person; the entire thing is ludricrous. Buying someone's vote is nothing new and the 5-10  Black people that are on display for Trump should be ashamed of themselves. I don't know anyone who votes for any elected official because "someone on T.V." tells them to. When people tells you who they are, believe them and no reality star of preacher trying to "explain" what Trump meant to say can fix his problem with people who don't look like him.The rich are different, on both sides.