Health care workers continue to be the heroes on the front lines of COVID-19. A nurse at one Michigan’s hardest-hit hospitals was fired when staffing has been a consistent issue.

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  1. Ive been in healthcare 20 years .You need to do a lot more reading! 1. Research how much you need to save to retire- at least 600k. To accomplish this you need to have saved 200k by age 50 so that it compounds to 600k by age 70. If you are paying 50-75% taxes how can you pay for groceries, a home or a business or retire? You Can't because you are too busy paying for SOCIALISM! This will destroy America. Ask any cuban why they ran away from communism-I've never heard of an American running away from Capitalism, have you?
    2. Everyone needs to be responsible for their own selves, it's called being an adult. I know it's hard but if I was born with a learning disability and could earn straight A's in grade school and high school and have 4 jobs at the same time out of college so that I didnt have to borrow $ from my folks, became a marine biologist, became a certified vascular tech, nationally licensed massage therpist, certified lymphatic drainage specialist, started and owned a business and a nonprofit and now teach Drs and Nurses then I think Most Americans can work hard and Earn what they need as well. 3. I stand with our soldiers that fought bled and died so you and I can have all these freedoms.
    4. God tells us, My grace is sufficient for you. That means wherever you start in life you make the most of it because He has given us all we need-all the tools and talents to take care of ourselves. I'm living proof-I took my greatest challenge- learning, and turned it into my biggest strength. Do you think I would have Accomplished any of the things I have or appreciated them if I didn't have to work so hard for them? No. My parents did me a Huge solid by not enabling me because I have truly maximized my talents to the best of my abilities.

  2. The only thing that exploded is all the lies they all have to keep up with. All media who covers this is just as guilty. Crimes against humanity.

  3. It is incredible that businesses are allowed by local legislators to write into their contracts stipulations that basically violate federal laws and ideologies of moral consciousness. No one should be allowed to stiffle the action of moral obligation to protect one's self and humanity in general. If this nurse might be considered and protected as a whistle blower ( although she blew no negative whistle) . I sure hope lawyers will be lining up to represent her on contingency because at trial the public would side with the nurse.

  4. PAN was the goat god/devil in Greek history causing PANic, PANdemics & PANdemonium/choas. PAN had 12 kids/disciples. One of his kids Xanthus. The drug Xanax treats PANic attacks!!

  5. Empty hospitals during a “deadly pandemic”??? Bogus numbers??? False positives for the tests??? Just wait until you find out about 23&me being partners with the testing kit manufacturers and the GAVI ID2020 Alliance microchip vaccines… then you’re really going to flip… 😡

  6. And why did she get fired when at the beginning of this we got loads of videos that showed them doing more dancing than taking care of patients?

  7. For months now hospitals along with doctors surgeries and health centres have been virtually empty in the UK. Millions upon millions of appointments and ops cancelled. Come Christmas the blow back from all this will be tremendous. People are fuming and yet it doesn't get a mention within our national and local media.

  8. With a global sirvival rate of 99.89% ‘as of August’. This is no Pandemic. #MaskOffForChildren #ShowYourFaceForChildren ☀️

    Truth is the test for Covid-19 might show you are positive for having had a cold once.

    "A positive test result shows you may have antibodies from an infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. However, there is a chance a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold."

    The test is not designed to detect Covid-19 in particular, but any flu variant in general. Very likely, what has been and is being counted as Covid-19 would have been counted as a cold or the flu in regular years.

    But not in 2020.

    PS. Plus the test was never meant to test for viruses, according to the man who invented it (and won a Nobel Prize for doing so).

  9. Let’s riot in the streets until all government resigns and all congress resigns let’s put them all in prison for life and make our own government

  10. Some of you commenters in here must want every City, County and State to be at the point of all out pandemonium before you believe anything is of any sort of "concern" to you all:

    April 14, 2020

    Opinion: Hospitals with empty beds should restore care to non-COVID-19 patients –

    "The reality is that COVID-19 has not overwhelmed ICU and hospital beds in most of the country…"

    June 27, 2020

    After good start on virus response, California loses ground –

    "This week, the state did about 100,000 tests a day."

    "Is that significant increase in testing the explanation for the virus's seeming resurgence? Experts say it only paints part of the picture."

    "The fact that there's also an increase in the number of hospitalizations suggests that it's not just because of the testing," said Lee Riley, an epidemiologist at the University of California, Berkeley."

    "That means that there are more transmissions occurring."

    "Governor Gavin Newsom says the number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, jumped 32 percent in the last two weeks, to more than 4,200."

    "The specific reasons are hard to pinpoint, but experts say the likely culprit is quarantine fatigue and a relaxing of behaviors meant to curb the spread, among young people."

    "As lockdowns have been gradually lifted, more and more people are gathering without respecting social distancing guidelines or wearing face masks."

    "We cannot continue to do what we have done over the last number of weeks," said Newsom, who made wearing masks in public spaces obligatory last week."

    June 29, 2020

    Riverside County hospitals hit 99% capacity for ICUs –

    "Riverside County intensive care unit beds nearly hit capacity Sunday, when patients occupied 99% of the normal number of beds. Suspected and confirmed coronavirus patients account for about 35% of those beds, said Riverside spokeswoman Brooke Federico."

  11. Here's an idea…. stop posting unnecessary glorified selfie videos and pictures, put your phone down and get to work! Ope too late! I wander how many "voice for nurses" or "nurse strong" videos she posted before the 10 second coronavirus video? I'm thinking 0….

  12. Yup, she was fired for the backdrop being empty when supposedly the halls are overrun with patients. If you pause the video you can see down the hall is empty lol. These hospitals lying about the number of cases should make everyone mad.

  13. 0'55 "Corona virus has exploded, overwhelming Sinai-Grace" and they show empty corridors.
    Same in Berlin, Germany. Hospitals where empty, nurses laid off. One undercover reporter made it into the makeshift "pandemic field hospital" where not one single patient was to be found, only empty beds. Paramedics, doctors all told the same story: one big hoax.
    I am even convinced they did not even carry out the tests as they said. There were only 3 sites were they would do the test, and I was wondering how it was possible that these 3 would do the hundreds of tests every day? I think they just made up the numbers.

  14. Such a scam. There's multiple videos surfacing showing empty ER's and staff being laid off and furloughed. There is no surge. I'm still waiting for the first wave. Empty quarantine centers. This is one big psy op and it's being exposed.