What’s good fam, no real words for this one. Was just zoning in a nocturnal vibe, feeling some type of way. Hope u enjoy.

Peace, blessings, harmony & light
Ya Man

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  1. Tracklist
    1. 00:00 Bentely.Truck (feat. Duzzo Dave) by J. Robb
    2. 03:13 Take You There by H.E.R.
    3. 07:08 Again by Wun Two
    4. 09:30 Gelbstich (feat. Wun Two) by FloFilz
    5. 11:27 Rain Dance by fushou.
    6. 14:08 I Fall In Love to Easily by Caleb Belkin
    7. 16:27 Affection by Jinsang
    8. 18:19 Smoke Trees by Diario
    9. 20:02 Funny How Time Flies (feat. Robert Glasper & Terrace Martin) by Terrace Martin Presents The Pollyseeds
    10. 27:05 Aaaaa by Kiefer
    11. 30:36 Dreams (feat. Carmody) by Alfa Mist
    12. 34:29 90 Degrees by Yazmin Lacey
    13. 38:44 Feel A Way by H.E.R.
    14. 42:10 Kutless by NxWorries, Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge
    15. 44:18 The Devil's in the Details by Mac Ayres & Castelluzzo
    16. 47:15 Potential by Alfa Mist
    17. 52:22 Turnin' Me Up by BJ the Chicago Kid
    18. 56:49 Controlla by Idealism
    19. 58:35 Sweet Music (feat. Saara Maria) by Joomanji
    20. 1:01:48 Before Dark by Such
    21. 1:05:59 Anything Like Her (feat. Tiffi) by City Girl
    22. 1:09:08 The World Connects by Don Philippe
    23. 1:12:02 Love Is the Message (feat. Mansur Brown) by Yussef Dayes & Alfa Mist
    24. 1:19:32 Sloth Jazz by BluntOne
    25. 1:21:42 Glad I lived by Alfa Mist
    26. 1:27:42 Show Me by Mac Ayres & Chris Anderson
    27. 1:31:00 Drink Dat (feat. Wiz Khalifa) by Thunder Cat

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