Nike responds to an incident at a California store, where an African-American couple says they were racially profiled when a white store manager accused them of stealing a $12 basketball they had just purchased.

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  1. I know Im going to get a lot of backlash for this but as a Black Woman honestly I don't see what happened as a racially motivated act on the police part or the store manager. Was it unnecessary yes, should the store manager handle it differently yes, should the couple being accused handle the situation better yes. But to make this bad police and white against blacks thing NO it's not.

  2. I understand they are angry and rightfully so but they the man and woman is making the situation worse. They didn't (the man and woman) handled that correctly in my opinion. Stay calm show the receipt and file law suit.

  3. Listen, when you're humiliated in public but worse off in front of your kids/family by an ignorant person, you don't tell that person to RELAX! Okay Copper!

  4. The police only take the word of the white people, black people are guilty till they prove them selves innocent! When the police took and handed that woman the basketball, they themselves aided and abetted theft of personal property! This is the reason why we have a Constitution to protect our property, documents and papers. The Leftists Liberals want to take away or change our Constitution!

  5. That police officer immediately took the employee's side and accused him of stealing the ball before asking any questions. Racist police officers taking up for the racist employee.

  6. I just read a article on how Russian twitter accounts retweet videos like this over and over to incite racial tension in America and by this comment section they have succeeded.

  7. Dude in retail they tell you to never chase after a customer no matter what, on top of that you did and look straight up stupid. Little girl you not even lost prevention.let this family be at peace.

  8. So we gonna act like the cop wasn’t just doing their job. If it turns out someone did steal it saying I just paid for it wouldn’t work. Why can’t they just show the receipt and get on with their day