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  1. I’m not trying to be rude I’m just trying to understand… is not chewing part of the culture or is that just a preference on how to eat… or is that how you eat this particular dish?

  2. The only reason black people say “ask” like that is because “English” was never their original language to begin with.So sorry WE have been stripped of our original language.I was about to watch this video,until that “rude” comment.

    Unsubscribing too.

  3. My best friend in college was nigerian. I cook for her she cook foe me .. lawd then I married a guy from Sierra Leone. 43 yrs ago. We were married 10 yrs. my next husband I have been married 31 yes and my daughters from my New York American husband still have their different stews plantain meals.. ask my formal husband’s wife ( not their daddy now) to cook for them.. my daughter even cook joked rice smh she may not be African by birth but she says she is my heritage.

  4. Fufu is the name of all swallows is our pidgin English,
    Fufu cassava, fufu plantain, fufu cocoyam, fufu corn, fufu rice, milet… Fufu yam called pounded yam. (Utala)

  5. My dear, dont do dental education while eating. There is time for everything. I appreciate the dental hygiene education but not on the eating table. like I said, u dont say some stuff, it's irritating. One love sis

  6. Is it just Me Or Anyone else hearing an American accent, Kind Of Parisian accent…then she goes back to her Native Language🤔🤔🤭😂😂😂Lmaoo but Do YOU Pooh🤟🏽💯💯💯

  7. DanTemmy this is my first time tuning into one of your videos and girl I had a great time with you.
    I heard you ask a question about why people would look at ppl eat in my defense I love my African heritage plus I want to learn how to cook African food so I search the internet looking at different recipes I learn how to identify them the ingredients for Different dishes over all your videos was Grand I had a great experience with you I subscribed to you liked and shared
    Be Blessed DanTemmy your doing great and keep up those great grades we need more like you I follow alot of people but you talked on real issues like no other keep up the good work

  8. Yesss!! I know I was talking alot in this video, I apologize! Y'all have literally killed me with "you talk too much" I'm sorry!! Jezz! Watch my other videos, I spoke less 😁😁🙈🚶‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️