Miami Dolphins player has some harsh words for Black Women…

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  1. I come from a family of marriage for 33 years… married to my black husband, with our daughter living in the home we own. Just quit my job because my black husband makes $$$$$$ and I can be a stay at home mom. He comes home I make him a refreshing smoothie and talk to him about his troubles…. I hold it down for the entire house hold… not saying this to prove anything to ignorant ppl. Just showing that he’s wrong 100% wrong. Maybe if he stopped dealing with low class ppl he wouldn’t have this problem 💁🏽‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️ goodnight son

  2. He is off topic, the NFL player is talking about having a lady who know her role in the marriage! Most Black women dont know the roles of husband and wife. If you are a high value man, you work your butt off to be in a great position. He want a woman who acts towards femininity, most black women have masculine traits! The creator of this video is not doing black women any justice with his weak talking points

  3. White women are not better. Men and women need to know and understand themselves better. When we understand ourselves, we learn how to discern situations and people, thus making better decisions. It is really that simple.

  4. As a black women I agree I think they're going by their personal experience or have mommy issues. Also they tend to blame black women, but studies show alot of black men leave black women to be single mothers, single mothers have to play both mom and dad, also it's crazy how they talk about white women knowing their place, but white women are he ones who started he fememnist movement, the fememnist movement was ment to help all women get rights, so blavk women are felt like they'd get help too BUT but also

  5. This is what it is. MAJORITY of black men marry black women. When a black man marries a white women it’s highlighted in the media. But the truth is the percentage is wayyyy higher for black men going for black women. Plus most of the time that happens is bc black women decline or reject them so they just go for white. But black women is their first option and who they go for.


    This guy's video reply to whoever's comment was a bunch of VIRTUE SIGNALING and blk women smh type stuff. He seemed to just want likes from blk women for defending them. He gave a simple, easy "rhetoric" cookie cutter response. Black women are beautiful as well as difficult for many reasons. This guy just basically shielded blk women from a WELL KNOWN (NEGATIVE) TRAIT (very bad attitudes)has more negative effects on their own community. As far as it being black men who broke the home not black women WRONG!!! (Because of guys like the one yapping in this video blk women will continue to bully and (EMASCULATE THEIR OWN MALES) THE GUY IN THIS VIDEO IS CLOUT CHASING BIG TIME!!! BLACK WOMEN WITH A BETTER ATTITUDE Y'ALL WOULD HAVE NO PROBLEM GETTING & KEEPING WEALTHY BLK MEN. BLACK WOMEN HAVE EVERYTHING EVERY OTHER "RACE" OF WOMEN HAS!!! SHE TYPICALLY ALSO HAS A (VERY BAD ATTITUDE) 👉🏾 😡🤬😤😠 THEIR BAD ATTITUDES LOWERS THEIR ATTRACTION VALUE. AKA



  7. Non black women view submissiveness as feminine and they empower themselves with this femininity . Black women see submissiveness as weak and they embrace a fake version of strength but its not strength they are showing its stubbornness and obstinates. This is the quickest way to loss a good black man to another race!!

  8. Why do men always want submission?
    Submit to what? The men are not home 80% of the time but the little time they are home they want the woman and the whole family to submit to him.

  9. Everyone one has they opinion I'm a black man and my wife is black do I care if she black no it's who she is I'm in love with if u worried about someone skin color u will always be in last place that's facts

  10. The government has destroyed black family with governments assistance. They didn't pay black males a honest wage. Although the black men would labour it wouldn't be enough to make ends meet. You couldn't get assistance if it was a male in the home. They would do random searches in the middle of the night, and if they found a male there than your assistance would be taken away

  11. This is not just athletes and celebrities. I live in a town where the black men are only with white women, just as you see in some European cities. Some things just become a norm. I’m a black woman by the way, and when I’m dining out alone I’m always catching the black looking over at me.

  12. It’s because 1) men like variety, and 2) they receive some of the benefits white privilege provides while with a white woman. Therefore they get some white privilege by association. At least that’s what I heard from another video. They said they didn’t see how much privilege their white partner experienced until they started dating them and went through life with them. Then they realized they started experiencing the privilege too by association. So I guess it just makes things easier. I think women probably are more loyal because women by nature “create the home”. And want to create what family represents to them and what they grew up with in their own childhood. So if your mom and siblings and dad was black, that’s the family and home you want to create. That’s my guess. But I also see plenty of black men preferring black women, so I think media makes things seem like it’s worse than what it is.