In Next In Fashion, 18 of the world’s best and brightest fashion designers compete in challenges for a chance to win a quarter of a million dollars and prove they are the future of fashion.

Watch this exclusive look at episode 1 and make sure to check out the rest of Next In Fashion, now streaming on Netflix.

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Next In Fashion | EPISODE ONE | Exclusive Cut | Netflix

Talented designers from around the world compete for $250,000 and the chance to become the next big thing in fashion.

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  1. Isaac’s attitude absolutely sucked! He acted like he really didn’t give a f . Given how much it mean to his partner to go through this comp, showed a really selfish person of him.

  2. Julian and hale are clowns that black dude should find better partner that white women just want to go low-key and you cant do that when you are in a competition

  3. Tbh, I dunno why that black dress was a winner. Really? It's a red carpet dress. Not about a costume from movie…. First one was stunning.

  4. These runway shows are dominated by petty, silly, self-important narcissists. All the feigned excitement, all the BS "judgments"

    I got as far as the Puerto Rican designer being sent home because she'd been teamed up with some loser to whom the competition "was just another day." Clearly she had her heart set on this opportunity and it was snatched from her by ALL the losers that surrounded her. If there was a rag that came down that runway, it was the red ruffled nightmare and anyone with an eye for fashion knew it.

    So, enough of this bitchy little show….and its "fashion judgments." Was all set to love it, but nooo….and BTW, why all the over-excitement??? Don't you all just feel "5 year old birthday party" childish?

  5. Good morning me name is Sardie Lynne mombrun and very love fashion since i'm litte girl i'v been designing dresses thanks to you i can make my dreams come true

  6. Me encantó ver el programa todos son geniales en lo que hacen ….pero Minyu me encantó que ganara …llore de emoción al verla muy humilde y sincera….geniales sus presentadores 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  7. Great great show! Enjoyed it so much. Was obsessed with the winning collection! And everyone was so lovely and talented, especially Minju and Angel. Already love the hosts individually, but them together makes the show so fun. Can't wait for season 2.

  8. IDK I haven't watched the series (yet) but I definitely feel some type of way that Netflix basically riped off the idea of Project Runway/ Project Runway All Stars. Looking at the comments tho, it seems I'm in the minority with that opinion 🤔🤷