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  1. I was thinking the same thing. They telling them everything from the day they were born until now. Shut up.
    You've done nothing wrong and it will show in the video. In court thats if he turns up. Which I doubt very much he will do.

  2. I don't know how I got to this video but I DON'T even talk to MY OWN FAMILY this LONG ! BLACK People please WAKE UP the POLICE ARE NOT OUR FRIENDS! Just give them your ID's and regs. And insurance and SHUT UP!

  3. This couple instigated the situation of course a cop is going to come talk to you if you're sitting at a car wash in your car in the middle of the night so this couple kept pushing the issue while trying to be a victim

  4. These people are clowns, the police had reasonable suspicion to approach a parked car with 2 individuals sitting inside at a 24 hour car wash late night without any activity by the individual. They doing way to much, once the officer confirmed that nothing was wrong the officer told them they could continue on their way but the occupants kept the conversation going giving info the could led to further investigation. It's called a Terry stop.

  5. The police agencies all the way the United States… All the police stations and all the police agencies in the United States are riddled with white supremacist. You do not negotiate with white supremacist terrorist under the guy that with the scab of police officers police… I have noticed in the most of these videos dealing with the police no one exercise their true right under the 5th Amendment… You have a right to remain silent… You have a right to have an attorney present during questioning… If so desired cannot afford an attorney the state will appoint one for you… Do you understand these rights oh… By the way anything you say can and will be held against you… Anything you say can and will be held against you!… So soon as the police come up any tell you the traffic stop or you assuming the traffic stop if you are the driver… All you had them is your license and answer no questions at all… You don't have to ask a question where you coming from, where you going, how long you been there, why you here… You don't ask any of those questions and you don't answer any of those questions… You have a right to remain silent. After you hand the office with your driving credentials… You can stay to the officer I'm exercising my 5th Amendment rights I have the right to remain silent and in addition to that I answer no questions without my attorney present not one… Your answer no questions without your attorney present. No matter what he says you no matter what he asked you you were to answer no questions without your attorney present but after you handle your driving credentials that means your license and registration and your proof of insurance… After that you have no reason to speak after that unless you have a big mouth or you just stupid… After you tell him that you're exercising your 5th Amendment right be quiet. Even if he say you're not under arrest, even if you say you not detained… You are every time you ask you a question I'm asking after my Fifth Amendment right… After he asked you any questions after you hand him your driving credentials the only response has to be I'm exercising my fourth and fifth amendment rights… I'm exercising my fourth and fifth amendment rights… I have a right to remain silent sir… I cannot answer any of your questions without my attorney present… I cannot answer any of your questions without my attorney present… I cannot answer any of your questions without my attorney present. However you get idiots like them too talking too much crying that's not going to make him stop they love it when they see you in distress in about to lose your mind… They love it. Let me start saying you look a little bit nervous so we felt the reason to check your car. If they ask you any question don't answer no questions none that without your attorney. Especially a passenger in a car he is not the driver she is not the driver… Only the driver is supposed to hand the credentials and then be quiet answering no questions after that they can actually have them their credentials they can go underneath the Fifth Amendment or the Fourth Amendment or the Miranda warning… They can remain under the Miranda warning at that point even if they haven't been placed under arrest cuz you're not free to go from the initial contact assume that you're under arrest and treated as if you have had the Miranda written to you or the Miranda read to you. So you have a right to remain silent take advantage of that right. Make them work. if he actually do you understand the nature of this stop and that you have received a ticket and and he needs you to sign for it now I just had no words don't use any words that are larger head find a ticket as a matter fact you you are to do all the questioning am I free to go now… I received your ticket officer am I free to go. If you ask you do you mind if you search your car I have the right to remain silent I will not answer any questions without my attorney present.