New York City #Coronavirus update from Mitchell Katz, MD, President and CEO of NYC Health + Hospitals, the largest municipal public health system in the United States. Recorded April 13, 2020.

Topics discussed in this interview:
0:00 Introduction
0:45 Background information on Dr Katz
1:12 What have the last two weeks in New York City been like?
2:13 Has there been ventilator shortages in your hospitals?
3:33 COVID-19 modeling
4:48 Masks and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in crisis conditions
8:22 Has the PPE shortage improved over the last few days?
9:30 What’s the status of testing?
11:07 Treatments (Hydroxychloroquine, Chloroquine, etc.)
12:36 Where do you send patients while they are recovering?
14:02 Coronavirus infection rates among health care workers
15:27 How have your hospitals handled prison and homeless populations
16:58 Health care disparities in the African American community
19:56 Have the numbers of hospitalized and intubated patients decreased or increased over the past week?
21:33 Do you worry about the expenses required to treat this surge in ICU patients?
22:49 When do you let workers return after a COVID-19 diagnosis?
24:06 Are you maintaining salaries for nurses, doctors and other staff?
24:24 How do you put all of these hospitals back together when this ends?
26:30 How have you handled end of life care in your ICUs?
28:20 What do your days look like?


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  1. Given that NYC is so densely populated and it is a hub for international travel and tourism, why were the public hospitals not prepared for an out break of any type of communicable disease?

  2. Thank you, Dr. Bauchner for your insightful interviews, and thank you Dr. Katz for taking the time from your busy schedule to participate in this interview. You and your staff are heroes!

  3. . Great interview and thank you Dr. Katz for the Update. I am proud to be part of NYC health + Hospitals family.  Thank you both and Stay Safe!  Angela Valera

  4. Thank you for bringing to light the unsung heroes that orchestrate the overall management of the health care system during this pandemic. I don't know how Dr. Katz can sleep except from utter exhaustion.

  5. Great interview, keeping it real with the ones in the know is always Appreciated.!!! I'm 61, told my daughter sometimes I think I'd rather just get it and get over it, just a shame that pesky side effect is death. I'd feel like a super hero being asymptomatic and helping my local hospital and the families by being there with their loved one.

  6. What a fantastic hospital administrator! Your medical team must be pretty happy working under you. The best thing you can do is let you doctors use their brains, training, and ingenuity when the standard protocol doesn't fit the case the patient in front of them is presenting. You are all heroes! Keep up the good work!

  7. did the models about the number of ventilators that turned out to be wrong take the effect of social distancing into account? Was social distancing weaved into the models?