– Neo-Soul Keys® 5X Ultimate Version 3.1
Produced by Gospel Musicians – www.GospelMusicians.com

Neo-Soul Keys® is our flagship product and combining our samples with the UVI Workstation makes for an amazing electric piano experience. When combined with advanced scripting and the amazing effects of the UVI Workstation, this is our best version yet.

New in Version 3.1
• 24-bit sustain samples (10.5GB Total)
• Added a new preset system so you don’t have to keep loading new presets every time. Now all of the presets are stored inside of one combo EP. You can also add your own presets within the new combo preset system. Just make sure you save the entire preset when making and saving within the system.
• We have included Lite presets from the the 3X Lite version that was released previously. This version is for customers who use Mainstage and have to conserve CPU and RAM.
• Now the sustain sample’s release matches the Kontakt version.
• All LFO sync functions for effects, panning and volume are now accurate when syncing to a DAW. New algorithms have been applied.
• Lower Volume Mechanics – Sometimes the Mechanical effects can be a little loud. We made a preset version that has lower volume mechanical effects for a more subtle mechanical sound.
• Re-Calibrated the Amp Sims so that they don’t cause some patches to peak. Some amp sims have more energy than others and we calibrated the Amp sims thus not to peak.
• Added two new UK Amp Sims for a super warm and deep bass sound. This is especially useful when playing key bass.
• Created disk and arrow push-down icons for all preset menus. Previously there was no graphical indication when the effects preset’s arrow was pressed.
• Added Volume and Pan vibrato/tremolo option. We found that the vibrato panning function clashed in a weird way when combined with the chorus, flanger, and phaser. This is because these effects use panning already and combining the two summed the output. So we added a vibrato/tremolo volume option so that they won’t clash.
• The Auto-Wah now replaces the Funky Wah. As an update to the newest UVI workstation, there is now a new Wah-Wah effect that sounds great. We also allow for you to use rate and depth for an Auto-Wah, or you can assign the Wah effect to a pedal controller by right clicking and learning.
• The Suitcase tines are generally bright, but we have also added a darker Suitcase tine patch for diversity and a darker EP tone.
• We added some “hybrid” multis that mixes two electric pianos together.

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  1. On the Stage piano there are three notes which are out of tune; C4 C#4 & D4. You can hear it on the front of the note of the 'Original' set with the 'Pickup' dial turned up. I hope that's been fixed in the update?

  2. Hey jamal, is the uvi the more accurate one, or the kontakt version? I do not own no packs yet.. And dont have no ilok here either.. I do own kontakt and others.. Sounds like Uvi is using alot of ram here ,if its not the recording…? (light cracking) no rhodes-bark ment with this 'haha.' The Kontakt version with extra dynoep is more expensive i believe..? But more stable? All i need is the dyno&3x , but in a separated bundle? or 5x?

    Hope you could help, best regards out of Belgium, bless

  3. Ok,kool,I have bought it from you guys,have just seen that option now,but can I ask one more thing,will I need to upgrade to version 3.1,or its an upgraded version already,please let me understand that.Thanks Jamal for the response.

  4. Hey Jamal,I m confused,what is the difference between this update and Neo-Soul Keys® 5X Ultimate for UVI :: BONUS Beats ,please help,I am dyin for those effects,are they available on the 5X as well…Thanks bro

  5. You guys should do bass guitar and acoustic/electric guitar sims for us fans, so we can have whole soul/gospel/funk bundle… I believe it would be best guitar library because Neo-Soul EP definitely is (along with mks 20 roland module emulation)

  6. Sorry but I could not find the download method for the upgrade. I'm from Thailand and the only delivery method is UPS Express International which costs me $53!!! Please add the download option for this upgrade. Thank you!!

  7. I'm glad Gospel Musician made a VST that's works with the UVI Workstation don't get me wrong UVI make some nice sounding VST's but Neo Soul Keys adds a bit of versatility to UVI and it's giving notice to other VST developers to make VST's for sample players besides Kontakt.