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  1. Hey I bought this and There are s lot people keep asking me how come I got these sounds comming out from my Korg Krome (Hell yeah, I connected Korg Krome via PUC+). I love the wooden hit in the samples.

  2. Great job, Gospel Musicians!
    I'm still on "Neo-Soul Keys 5X Ultimate – 4,0".
    Is it possible to see "Neo-Soul Keys Studio – 2" on the UVI platform?
    UVI – is so powerful and stable like a rock. Also, "Falcon" sounds like a hardware and it could be great if use modeling capabilities of it.

  3. Hey there Jamal, just purchased Neo-Soul Keys Studio for iPad! Unfortunately the “Sources” menu is only showing a few of my virtual outputs (as published from MidiFlow). This bug will force me to abandon ports and assign a midi channel, which I’d really prefer to not have to deal with. Hope you might be able to get your iOS folks to fix that? Many thanks for the fresh take on Neo-Soul Keys. Kind regards, Daniel, Denver, CO

  4. I'm struggling with installing this to Logic Pro X. The standalone version works, but I can't figure out how to install it as a plug-in in logic. Any help?

  5. Just purchased for Ipad and sounds amazing! One problem – Its not working when I try to use with other apps, such as MKSensation to add strings or pad in the background. Is this the case or any suggestions? I could do this with the previous version.

  6. Hi Jamal very interesting!!! I don't think there is any EP VST that ACTUALLY has the Mark V!! amazing! a question tho did you actually record the instruments?? How did you get the sampling done? Do you have all those rare Wurlys and Mark 2/V and Clav