Ibanez and PickUp Music present Kazuki Isogai performing an original riff on an AZ2204-ICM. Kazuki is one of our favorite guitarists so we were super excited to have him perform for us.

Get TAB and a slower version to this SongSquad riff here:

SongSquad is our growing collection of Insta-ready 50+ guitar riffs and songs. Learn any riff and tag us #SongSquad on Instagram to get featured on our pages with over 500K followers.

This video is sponsored by Ibanez Guitars.


Filmed by Merrick Winter
Audio engineering by Dillan Witherow

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  1. the rhythm notes, first 2 are 5th string 8th fret 4th string 7th fret. then moves down 1 note on same shape same strings. then 5th fret on the 6th 4th and 3rd string. Hope that helps point you.

  2. yeah, can't say that strumming pattern with hitting the strings with the palm makes me think of soul. More like a white college bro playing at a camp fire hoping to impress everyone by playing a Jack Johnson song. No elasticity, no funk, no soul…