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Visit: for More instructional videos and full lessons with explanations.

Virtual Keys Used:
Pure Synth Platinum:
Neo-Soul Keys Studio 2 (EP Sounds):

Bass Player: Jamaal Andrews:
Jamaal_R_Andrews on Instagram
Jamaal Andrews on Facebook
Jamaal Andrews on Twitter

My Equipment List:

Video Equipment:
Camera Used –
Camera Lens –
Camera Hardrive –
Video Capture Card –

Audio Equipment:
Audio Interface –
Keyboard/Synth –
Monitor Speakers –
Mixer –
Main Mics –
Singing Mic –

Misc Equipment:
Main Computer –

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  1. HEllo Jamala, You are the world I love your produktion GM and OYur Plugin Instrumet is Bets of best ! please i have Pure synt PL2, Please where can I find your Suitcase Cream ?

  2. There are a few (white) cats on youtube “teaching” neo soul (if that’s even possible) but they just don’t have it. We need you here brah. These videos influenced MILLIONS everywhere brah

  3. Peace ,Yo Jamal , will I get all of these sounds (suitcase , stage , etc .) if I download Jamal's Flash and will it work on the Montage ? 
    Are there any performances with drum groove on the flash ? Peace God Bless you man

  4. I want to ask sir, please reply🙏 Is that software Work for my Keyboard "Roland Juno DI"? Or u can tell me what the software can I use in my Keyboard "Roland Juno DI" 🙏 Sorry my english so bad, I'm from Indonesia. I'm so glad to know u sir😇