Note: A new updated version for Kontakt is now available for Windows & Mac with the ability to export your chords to MIDI:


The Neo-Soul Chordz Engine gives you access to lush, advanced Neo-Soul Chords bursting with flavor and emotion at the press of a Key.

Available now for Chordz:

Available now for Cthulhu:

Easy neo soul chords
neo soul chord progressions

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  1. Nice presets! I went ahead and brought it. But I'm not to sure I brought the right one. When I downloaded it, it says Popcharts chords. Thought it would say neo-soul. Tried them out and it didn't sound like the neo-soul presets.

  2. PLease keep bringing goodies like this.I stumbled on to this and i knew it was for a purpose. Thank you for this work.Codefn42 is such a slept on company. I wish that they would make some more things.All of their products are so valuable and with this, you opened the door even more