June 5, 2020 – Not long ago, the nation watched as Native Americans protested the Dakota Access Pipeline. As the country turns its eye toward the Black Lives Matter movement, correspondent Antonia Gonzales talks with three Native Americans about their perspectives on recent protests.

Episode 1349

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  1. Sad y’all just keep mixing with the colonizers Ik y’all don’t know this cause you was taught WHAT YOUR PARENTS WERE TAUGHT AND WHAT THERE PARENTS WHERE TAUGHT which was all taught by the OPPRESSOR/Caucasians/colonizers but the original indians was black AS EVERY CONTINENT BEFORE THEM CAUCASIANS CAME OUT THERE CAVES WERE BLACK WE Were already RULING OVER THE WOLRD READ WORLD HISTORY not just American history Remember THE WINNERS WRITE THE HISTORY BOOKS and all these people in this video are again not indigenous but mestizos/Mixed , how else you think you got that little melanin , wake up brothers and sisters and preserve our blood 💪🏾💪🏿

  2. I am a registered Native American. My tribe was the first to walk the trail of tears from Mississippi to Oklahoma in 1831. We lost many of our relatives during the deadly winter walk. One of the coldest winters of that time. I went to a gathering when my chief was visiting my area a few years ago. When the group visiting with our chief walked into the room, I could feel my ancestors walking beside them. It was ominous. Even my husband could feel the spirits of my tribe within the space. We felt their joy and sadness. Today in their honor, I love all people and all natural things as much as I am able to love because I know my ancestors had a wisdom that is unknown to the natives that went the white mans ways. Trees make me happy. A stream of water is beautiful to me. A bird brings me joy. I know that the only way to shift the unfairness and atrocities in this world is with compassion, understanding and love. I dream of the day, all people will live in harmony. It may not be in my life time as I am older. It would be a treat to witness brotherly and sisterly love throughout the world before I leave my body. Miracles do happen.
    Most of Native Americans are now Christian or are floundering because they feel lost. Christianity does not resonate with me and I do not judge my brothers and sisters who choose this path. But for those that are floundering I feel nature is their church. I do admit I love Jesus Christ deeply and appreciated his teachings to enlighten man. However, I choose to live according to the ways my ancestors lived and that's by following natural law, which is what the Great Spirit taught all of his kin. The natives understood how to nurture nature and live cohesively with it. Now, I will share with you something that many of the native ancestors were unable to teach their children due to the white mans interference. They took the native children from their parents and taught them another language. They punished them if they spoke to native tongue. They taught them how to live the way of civilized man. Due to the language barrier, this knowledge could not be passed onto to their children. In fact, many of these children became estranged from their parents. The natives of this planet had friends that lived inside the earth. They still exist, however I feel most of them have left due to the continued destruction of the planet. I send those who remain, my many thanks for their continual work and I feel them acknowledge me. They are known in the English language as Gnomes. And no, they do not look like the cone capped midgets our world depicts them as. They are much like you and me. You would probably never know you met one if you saw them in nature. Their job is to be stewards of planets and are responsible for all that grows be it on land or in the water. They nurture the air, the water, the earth and the mineral kingdom. Our ancestors learned that a planet is a living being, hence Mother Earth. They learned how to take care of it and they did so along side the Gnomes. I do not care if you believe me or not. I only write this so that those who resonate with it, understand the importance of taking care of this world and that emotions and thoughts are very powerful. They can form into things good and bad. YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS take control of them.
    It is very important that we stay out of the negative and in the positive. My dear native brothers and sisters, this information is somewhere in your genetic history. Try to remember. There is more to this world than humans and I pray that harmony will be here soon. Be compassionate, kind and loving to all things. Including those who you feel may not deserve it. Being in a high vibrational frequency is what will help this planet heal and those who live on it. My native brothers and sisters, I emphasize with the struggles that you may encounter. Let's look to a positive future. To all who wish to heal the earth and yourselves, no alcohol or drugs. Limit your animal consumption. Eat as much fresh foods as possible and give thanks to all those who gave their lives for your sustenance. Stay in a healthy positive mindset. In other words, be a purest. And give thanks to the Great Spirit if you acknowledge him as your god. I once heard him cry for his people. It was unsettling because I felt helpless as he does. Our culture has forgotten him and he sees so many of his own that are struggling. He loves you very much. I believe the Natives of this planet are vital to it's healing. And it will heal as you do. One of the ways is, you must stop living in the past. Unfortunately, the humans of this planet put too much attention on skin color. We are spirits living in bodies. Color doesn't matter. All spirit lives matter. Love matters, compassion matters, this earth matters, and so on. Let's do what our ancestors were taught and take care of our home. Learn what ever you can to help you achieve this mindset. There are a lot of techniques on the internet that you can research. The law of attraction is a great place to start.Teach those who are willing to participate. Invoke some of our native traditions that are peaceful. Give thanks to the elements. In closing, question everything, including me. And if you find something that doesn't come from total love, then only retain that which is loving to you.
    Chi hollo li (Choctaw for I love you)!

  3. Native Americans are mostly white people!!!!! ever heard of $5 Indians? that's what most of them are! indigenous people where a lot darker… Aaaaaaa lotttttttt darker we maybe more related them you think 💡"stay woke"

  4. I don’t agree with police brutality but I need to say this. Why are so many African Americans claiming that they are the original people of the Americas? Some say that Indigenous people are black and that they have proof that Africans were here in the Americas before anyone. They also make claims that the Maya tribe had Black Kings, I just can’t believe that anyone can make these claims. It’s not right to try to still someone’s culture.

  5. BLM (Black Lives Matter), is Not the "Blacks" of Americas organizing! It has nothing to do with our struggles! The BLM organization, nor the hashtag BLM, was not created by us (Blacks). The organization BLM, is anti-male and anti-family group, something many Blacks don't subscribe too. Just because Black is attached to a word and is use by some Blacks, dose not in itself make it a Black American supported cause.

  6. Did anyone ever stop to think and say hold up… First off NO ONE'S BLACK…. Further more the "BLACKS" ARE NATIVE AMERICANS!!!!! I DARE EVERYONE HER TO LOOK UP ORIGINAL PHOTOS OF THE ABORIGINES OF THE AMERICAS …. You'll be just as shocked as many are self included…. But nonetheless its TRULY irritating that no one is really speaking about the Natives that's going missing and it should be known…. But I'm dark skinned and I KNOW NOW THAT I'M NATIVE AMERICAN…. True history PROVES it as well as my FAMILY TREE.

  7. Native americans are so incredibly excluded from US society (and from all post-columbian American societies in the continent for that matter) that a "Native americans exist" movement would have to be made first instead of a "Native lives matter" because people don't even know or care that they exist.

  8. The are tying to pin us against each other. Just because we don't look alike (me vs the panel of natives), understand and make no MISTAKE ABOUT IT. BLM IS NATIVE LIVES MATTER! I derive from the Seminole tribe. And it's scary to me that they are playing this narrative to down play BLM, knowing BLM in inclusive of NLM. And ANY "black" person should do their research on their heritage and see the truth! #FACTS

  9. As a black woman ( I hate calling myself that because I don't like to label myself as such a name that white men gave to us, though I love white people too ) I would like to say that I love Native Americans very much and my heart so aches for you. Our people know very well how much you have been through and we feel that in many ways we can empathize with you. We also know that there are some differences too in our painful experiences. For those of you who commented about blacks not caring about the Native struggle, or them getting angry and saying your problems don't matter right now, I deeply apologize. Please know that that is not how most of us feel. Most of us would stand with you and would march and protest with you! Somehow we feel kin to you even if it's just because of the sufferings that our peoples have endured at the hands of "The White Man". However, I would like to shed a little light on why you may have been met with a little hostility by some blacks when you have shared your sufferings with them. Some blacks do get hurt and/or angry when they hear Natives say that Native Americans have been through worse or suffered more than any other race. To blacks, that sounds like a major insult and a diminishing of over 400 years of pain, death, separation from our family members forever, continual rape, being misplaced, and total theft of our knowledge or understanding of who we are as a people and where we originated from! We have NONE of that knowledge whatsoever and can not trace any significant family lineage. And… I must say that some Black Americans are upset that some Native Tribes practiced Slavery. Those tribes were the tribes that the United States Government deemed as the "Five Civilized Tribes". Those being the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole. So that might help you a little when it comes to some of their attitudes… Another thing that I'd like to mention is that it has been proven in studies of Psychology that oppressed and hurting people often times tend to compare their pain and honestly believe that they have suffered more that anyone else. This is because pain causes us to be introspective in order to nurture, protect, and comfort ourselves. I believe both my people and Native Americans feel that way about ourselves. We feel that we ( our own people ) have suffered the most. It is never wise for hurting people to compare their pain! It's such a bed for explosive hate and anger because both people are right in that they have genuinely suffered greatly and only the Creator knows which is worse in my opinion. I think that what both Black Americans and Native People have been through is so complex that only the Creator can fully sort it out. I can honestly say that we both have some sufferings that are worse than the others sufferings. That is the truth! Because of that, I personally believe that at least within the last 500 years, both Native Americans and Black Americans have equally had the worse "continued" sufferings of all mankind and I think that is fair to say. I understand that many people would disagree with me on that as this world is so much bigger than just the United States and Canada where many Native Americans also reside. I hope you feel my heart in this! I genuinely love you and I consider you my brothers and sisters as do so many Black Americans. IF I have offended you in anything that I have said that you do not agree with, I am very sorry as I do not want to hurt you with my convictions. I also hope that you know how much the Creator loves you to allow you to suffer so much and to make you such a strong people who have endured all this time. You are definitely beautiful in His sight and you must not forget that. He remembers you well and will exalt your people in His time! The last shall be first, and the first shall be last! Believe it because it is true!
    Your loving sister,
    Autumn Brown

  10. I feel bad for Native Americans and Aboriginals. Do they feel like foreigners on their own native land? I've seen people proudly degrade them in comment section. There's also this double standard where for example, a native Asian is a British citizen, they are not considered British but when a native European is a US citizen, they are considered full American

  11. Please do not insist that your past is one of only racist, wrong doings. It also has a history of violent wars with other peoples. Read up on the horrible treatments done against the Huron tribes. Its disgusting. If we want to overcome real racism and not repeat the past, everyone needs to acknowledge their own past, openly. Every race on this planet at some point made a victim out of someone.

  12. Native People are more important than Black People in my opinion they are dying of,I’m Mexican I have a Native American cousin from my mother side this black people being 52.2% that has been arrested for Murder agains other Black or even a white people why should we give a shit nobody is giving a fuck about the Native America women that are disappearing This black people say they do but is all hypocrisy’s so they could say they that’s it’s not just for them ,”oh he got shot for running with a gun he was a good boy he never did anything to no body”Fuck BLM I don’t give. A fuck if you get offended I been dealing with your type for half of my life.

  13. Native and Black lives matter (Im a Native Black American so Im tryna pull our communities together since we've both been robbed of our cultures.

  14. i THINK YALL need to SUPPORT ALL THE BLACKINDIANS FIGHTING FOR RIGHTS IN BOTH INDIAN COUNTRY AND IN THE CITIES . Some Black Indians are not being recognized of being Indigenous in Oklahoma and their citizenship of the tribes is deny to this very day .

  15. Most natives dont like to unite pfver the bs USA system whisper to them about other tribes to keep is innwar and no unity…the only tribes united with mexicans and shown the love been COAHUILTEC,YAQUI,TOHONO & HOPI .Rest natives they not united they are in some form systentical and still believing the bs history they made to keep mexicans and natives split .Which many reconize tribes dislike mexicans olus they dislile mexicans also do the european mexicans who have us a bad name and their european ways.The so called native unity in a way is bullshit many tribes dislike mexicans and they not united i knowthis and any one who i to native american subject they can see what tribes actually united with mexicans and fully thatthose few that are are UTO AZTECAN branch by lenguage and GENETIC UTO AZTECAN branches

  16. The ppl on this video is 90%white.😭also if they not white they are descendants of them ALSO y’all really don’t know y’all history don’t y’all.them natives you see today is Chinese and African descendants most of them is eurasian.nub of these are natives.BLACK PEOPLE ARE THE NATIVES EVERYWHERE SO U CAN HAPPILY STFU .🤣

  17. !st and foremost, ENOUGH of this Indigenous stuff! Native American was a term coined in the 1960's by the U.S. Govt. for us not by us and if someone takes the time to learn the meaning of the word Indian you will stop all this Indigenous stuff. Indian when translated into native language means 1st man or woman so to say Indigenous is redundant and white washed. Also, here is a History Lesson for the origin of the word," Indian" meaning children of God proving it had nothing to do with Christopher Columbus or India. https://iloveancestry.com/topics/ancestry/historical-events/15th-18thcentury/origin-of-word-indian-pertaining-to-american-indians/ AND, when you look at statistical data on health disparities, education, poverty, domestic violence and sexual abuse, Indians are suffering in disproportional numbers on a crazy high level. I would also welcome any ethnic group to have to prove your heritage, CDIB cards, like we do. What other group has to prove their degree of ethnic blood. I'm sure I'll be attacked but I don't feel bad for other ethnic groups when we don't even make the chart on education level attained in the U.S. https://www.statista.com/statistics/184264/educational-attainment-by-enthnicity/ and look at what Indians face in all aspects of their lives http://www.ncai.org/about-tribes/demographics. And I am tired of being told that maybe we should protest, we do all the time but we don't burn buildings and set flags on fire so we don't get news coverage. Google Mount Rushmore protest, oil pipeline protest, etc.