My response to Dr Judy Mikovits Video Banned by YouTube.

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  1. mr. Valuetainment has sold his soul to the Devil! he keeps repeating the official Medical Pharmacomafia narrative via the series of canned lies and falsehoods. since he is from Iran, I do not think that he was chemically dumbed down via the vaccines like lots of Americans are. Primary method of dropping the IQ points of Americans is via the vaccinations. Thimerosal, diluted mercury used as "preservative" in vaccines is the primary method used to lover the intelligence of the people!
    this explains why vaccinated people cannot use the logic and reason in their "vaccine safety" arguments, no matter what evidence you provide them with they still believe that vaccines "save lives" and by their own admission they will take another vaccine even if they know the risks are considerable.

    Often, their pro-vaxx stance is like bunch of religious cult followers defending their demented cult leader, to their own death.
    that is not rational at all. no rational, sane person would even consider the vaccine if they knew that the risks are considerable.

    I am POSITIVE that what Dr. Blaylock is saying about toxicity is what is going on with all of the people but especially with vaccinated people as they receive the highest dose of toxins. Vaccinated people's brain centers for logic and reason are purposely targeted.
    I have seen what thimerosal does to the brain cells in a video clip, it damages the normal neural connections and attacks the brain cells.
    This also explains what happens with vaccine-induced autism — toxins damage the synopses in certain parts of the brain and then new synopses are formed in other parts of the brain to compensate, hence some heightened abilities in one area are manifested and completely destroyed abilities in other area are manifested. some children have very high level vaccine induced mercury poisoning that their living brain tissue is in constant pain, sometimes those children have to wear the helmets as the pain due to this toxin in their brains drives them to hit their head to the wall. I believe that this push for mandatory vaccines is to make the people very dumb, obedient, unable to resist the tyranny, in other words – perfect slaves.

    Dr. Russell Blaylock explains why the masses are becoming cognitively retarded and incapable of rational thought.
    Is society getting dumber by the day? It may not just be your imagination: As Dr. Russell Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeon, posits, the stupidity of the masses may be by design.
    Through a barrage of toxic chemicals and compounds, Blaylock says the government is purposely trying to dumb-down the masses.
    A dumber society is more easily controlled, after all.

    Dr. Blaylock explained in a video lecture that we are bombarded with a stream of toxins that are known to disrupt normal brain function.
    *“We’re seeing a society that not only has a lot more people of lower IQ, but a lot fewer people of higher IQ.
    In other words, a dumbing down, a chemical dumbing down of society,” he stated.*

    Blaylock contends that this trend has made people more dependent on the government.

    “We have these people of lower IQ, who are totally dependent.
    Then we have this mass of people who are going to believe anything they are told because they can’t really think clearly — and very few people of a very high IQ have good cognitive function who can figure this all out,” he explained.

    “That’s what they want,” Blaylock said.

    There are a bevy of toxins that people are exposed to everyday here in the states.
    Whether its toxic food additives, mercury-laden vaccines, pesticides and herbicides or fluoride, the sad truth is that toxicity has become a part of daily life for many people.

    Fluoride is a known neurotoxin, yet it is added to our water supplies in the name of “public health.” Fluoride is not an essential nutrient; it’s not a nutrient at all, actually. Almost 67 percent of public water in the U.S. is fluoridated, under the erroneous notion that it will protect teeth against tooth decay. Many of our “peer” nations have rejected the idea of water fluoridation, such as Denmark, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, China and Japan. Multiple studies have shown that fluoridated water lowers IQ in children — so it’s really best to avoid it.

    But it’s not just what they’re adding to food and water and vaccines that’s making America stupid: Even the education system is complicit in the plan to dumb down the country. A study by NASA scientists recently confirmed that many people are born “creative geniuses” but their intelligence is ultimately hampered by the U.S. education system. Perhaps calling it the “re-education” system would be more appropriate?

    The end-goal of the government is not to have a free and intelligent society; the globalists would rather turn us into a sea of malleable drones that do as they’re told.

  2. there are two different flows of information that humanity is concerned with. One direction is called 'Real Data' the other direction is called 'intentional supression' of that data. And third flow/ direction that's 99.9 of YouTube is in, is called 'clutter'. You're not worried about YouTube coming after you because you're not making real data videos. You got RFK and Greer on, that's about it. The rest is in the 3rd space;) got nothing to worry about!

  3. Patrick, you do great work. Regarding the issue of Freedom of Speech, we are feed false information by the MSM and from the government (goodbye to Smith Mundt Act). We are not allowed to ask legitimate questions and get truthful answers while being censored to voicing our views. Moreover many people have been threatened for pressing to get the truth. The JFK and 9/11 are just two examples of stonewalling and destruction of evidence from a crime scene. Even the Epstein episode is another example of “Its none of our business”. There is no accountability for the lying that is served to us. The result is that there is no trust from any source. A real tragedy.

  4. Well, the expression of I DON'T CARE attitude means that your sympathy for your editing team is hollow as is your alleged love of free speech. You're OK with YouTube censoring based on forcing creators to express agreement with establishment orthodoxy.
    How chilling and unsettling that you view this platform dominating over 90% of the market as a private platform and gladly letting them fcuk you over because they OWN it? You don't feel the community of creators like you who deliver them millions of viewers for nothing are entitled to honest expression? Dissent deserves censorship which has financially ruined some creators who don't benefit from a day job like you?
    Your abysmal expectations, not letting a little unjust dishonest abuse of power to suppress dissent to come between your business partners casts quite a long shadow on your standards and your honesty towards your audience. Count me out. Your voice ain't one to trust.

  5. No. 1 – YouTube is NOT a free platform. I pay for YouTube because if I don't, it takes me half a day to watch a video from being inundated with so many ads!

    No. 2 – YouTube silencing people and taking down videos is NOT legal. They cannot do that. Look up the (hidden) law on that.
    However, there are a lot of things the 'powers' are getting away with that aren't legal.

    No. 3 – You are sucking up to YouTube because YOU are afraid of getting kicked out of the platform.

  6. Some of us have gone too far down the rabbit hole expecting something more exciting than the truth.

    The truth is COVID-19 has brought the whole world to its knees. Lockdown is terrible for any big ceo as you dont have workers. Governments are having to pay out universal credit (at least in western Europe). Why would they want to spread such a virus when it destroys productivity of the worker bee?

    Also people in positions of intellectual power can still abuse it. Dr Michovitz's incentives are clear: money and fame as her academic career is over.

    Finally if anyone can be bothered instead of mindlessly following a fabricated documentary read into the reasons why her article got retracted..

  7. I always assumed the no shirt no shoes wass a law for health code. I think I am gonna test how many places are tolerant. 😂😂

    Plandemic 2 was very intriguing. If anyone needs to see it sign up at londonreal(dot)tv.

    Dude, I love this video. I love hearing your process.

  8. I hate all of you fucking morons. Im gonna make up some bullshit and monetize it, bc by the looks of it, there are enough of you idiots to get rich quick. Really quick.

  9. Pat, you put some fake ass, purposely misleading information about a global pandemic. You got duped. You didn't do any research and got swindled. Don't be mad at YouTube, look in the mirror.

  10. The biggest misconception is that viruses are bad for us! A virus is simply a piece of genetic information that has been created by a change in the environment. This information is an update for our bodies just like a windows update. Unfortunately some people react badly to the update but on the whole 99.9% of people will have no problem. If you vaccinate against a virus which is actually here to help and not hinder then you create the potential for other unseemingly unrelated health conditions!

  11. Thank You for creating the Dr. Judy video. Your skills during the interview with her was absolutely world class professional. I would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss potential realistic solutions to the core causes of this situation.

    As always, I welcome, encourage and value your candid thoughts, ideas, reflections and feedback.

    Highest regards
    TW Foundation

  12. Just remember guys, we are all in the same team ! we want the same things, someone is doing a really good job in getting all of us arguing with each other. Love to all

  13. The documentary being spoken about has been removed. But hundreds of other Dr's with youtube channels are still on debunking the documentary. They also should be remover for fairness or leave it all on Youtube and allow people to make their own judgment on the information. Just maybe the media can ask some relevant questions for once!!