So many great Tom Misch songs. How about this one first? ” It Runs Through Me” Let me show you how he plays, then make it simple way, 3rd level We will spice it up! How about that?

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  1. What you should know about Tom Misch: he eats sus chords for breakfast and looks for any excuse to use them in his playing. I like him though. He makes some great music

  2. Could you also explain why it sounds so good, for example in the key of Bminor there is no D7 right? But why are you still allowed to play it?

  3. Sick intro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I just love how you cover all of my favorite artist's songs. Its just amazing, I am immensely grateful for all this wonderful content you upload. This adds more color to life. Love you Tomo.

  4. ネオソウルシリーズ凄く好きです。




  5. Amazing 🙌. Can you do a video on King Krule especially latest album "the ooz" it has a lot of strange sounds but deeply influenced by jazz and neo soul and many other things, would love to see your explanation or even just talking about it

  6. この曲は、ホントにギターを弾きたくなる気持ちがそそられますネ。
    This tune makes me feel grabbing a guitar to play! You always show us good process to solo guitar.
    And I love this Ibanez guitar tone, really good!! I'm really enjoyed it. Thank you, Tomo san.

  7. Hey Tomo! Have you heard of a band called Hablot brown? The guitar solos in their songs are really great and I think would make a great lesson if you could teach it! Hope you give it a listen