Hi fams!!!!am back with another mouthwatering mukbang (eating motivation )today’s video I had this delicious and tasty vegetable soup and oatmeal fufu.

African food especially swallow is really a healthy meal you can enjoy. .it’s really delicious and yummy when prepared very well especially with the right ingredients.

l already have the full recipe for the vegetable soup which is very easy to follow and hand licking too…the oatmeal fufu recipe already on my channel as well very soft and easy to digest as well..

My aim of doing mukbang is to open up your appetite,,because sometimes we tends to lost our appetite especially when you are downcasted, worried,angry,food is good for the soul.
l love food especially good and healthy ones and am not ashamed of eating it to my satisfaction lol…as long as am not hurting anyone.

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Recipe For Oatmeal fufu

Recipe for Vegetable soup

Recipe for plantain fufu

Recipe for waterleaf vegetable soup

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  1. That talking is the thing l enjoy most ooo,please talk😂. Please dont eat our head of state ooo🤣,my sister even like the gills inside the head.l like eating the head but not always.

  2. Uru di nishi azu hahahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣 that's how mine throw it away but me I will tell him to keep them all for me so I enjoy head of fish oo 😁 wow you ate well ooo everything gwuru agwu ooo Choi yummmmm

  3. Chai see how you slowly devour this yummy food,enough obstacles in one plate of soup
    Please am coming to join you but am in class and you are tempting me,I don’t want to lose focus because of God’s time 🤣🤣🤣
    The fufu is so smooth eziokwu.
    It’s really finger licking

  4. I'm salivating watching you masaca this delicious Vegetable soup with oatmeal fufu, you too like enjoyment see as you just dey lick hand and mouth God's time if i catch you there eh 😍

  5. I told you before that you make every Mukbang video of yours exceptional and interesting to watch. Vegetable soup with oatmeal fufu with a glass of very chilled water to go…. Delicious 😊. You are a very good cook and I enjoyed watching my dear. I like the fact that you enjoy your food while eating which is very important. God bless you always.

  6. This yumminess is 2 much to watch without eating along ooooooh.🤣🤣your fish head story is dope.i love eating fish head 2😋yes cold water is a goal 👌 🙌 tfs👍👍

  7. Waking up to this, total temptation 😩.. I'm joining you already 😋. Chai our class of chill water is right beside. Chai iyami o🙆‍♀️ don't finish the cow feet nah, look at me smiling while you are eating 😊.