Mo Gilligan on why mums are dickheads, when beatings no longer hurt, not having brothers and getting pocket money.


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  1. My brother's classmates respect(ed) me. It is/was hard work, but they know, that I'll stand behind him all times. They won't pick at my brother. And he ain't need a big brother for that!

  2. I guarantee you this man's mum was waiting for him after the show, made him go all the way to her house, go get a belt and gave him licks until he cried 'brasafrax'.

    I'll bet she slapped the black off of him, knocked him into next week and all of those 'mum threats' that you know your mum can actually do and will do no matter how big and tough you are.

  3. Rah man got beat and grounded? I didn't even know that was possible. All the black kids got beat and most of the white kids got grounded but never the two would mix.