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  1. I would like to know if black America are Africans, then why did the Africans over there sold our black ancestors to white europeans,Romans for slavery Why Why answer that for black Americans know the truth ok. Black America are angry for our ancestors ok. Waiting for your response

  2. I appreciate every effort made by our brothers and sisters in the motherland welcoming black Americans back home to the mother land ..much love but as an African living in the carribbean who also suffered displacement via the transatlantic slave trade ..many of us here sometimes feel alienated when we are not mentioned as part of the repatriation process ..not myself individually but many of our brothers and sisters have no clue or feel as if the land of our captivity is home ..recently I took my entire family to Ghana and was blown away by the love we were shown please know that the Bahamas the Haitians the jamaicans Turks and caicos islands etc we are all african and personally I am coming home…much love a d respect for your efforts

  3. I love my brother Mapong, could listen to him all day…however, I don't see why Akon being in bed with the Chinese is different from any other Africa leader that we are critical of when doing business with China. That being sadi I'm coming home in December 2020…

  4. I agree with everything you said hear Baba Maponga but some of the celebrities you have mentioned are part of the problem they have been brainwashed by this Matrix world and have sold out Africans also, some are gate keepers for "pedogate/pizza gate, children go missing and they turn a blind eye, I have 2 names in particular that concern me particularly the women mentioned, I as an African say we don't need her help in any way she should stay right where she is!!!

  5. Maythe most high God together witht he spirit of our Ancestors and
    Our great mother Africa and mother earth has heard your voice and ours voices and it shall come to past and so it is 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿😊
    All is well 😊
    Peace to Africa
    Peace to the world

  6. I think the best idea for African Americans is to strive for Dual citizenships. There are Caucasian Americans who are opposed to racial discrimination. Moreover, America is originally owned by Indegenous Indians.

  7. There's hope over there. Please don't use the interest Capitalism economical system. Have a look at the Islamic Financial System. It's something between Capitalism and socialism.
    Ignore what the media propagandists against Muslims. It's the same systemized propaganda against blacks.

  8. Atlanta answering. 👑 The strength and greatness of the African people can be measured by how, in the face of what it seems to be all the forces of hail, they fought through it all, to survive and rebuild kingdoms and empires, some of which endured for 1000 years. Chancellor Williams

  9. Big brother 🔥🔥🔥✊🏿✊🏿 I have said it we will return by shop I want to come I have worry for my grand daughters and the way school are running but I most make this move financial is not great but YAH has the way am coming

  10. The first payment of reparations should be to purchase airline tickets and passports for anyone who wants to return to Africa. The ships to transport our property meaning from the kitchen to the bedrooms, furniture vehicles etc. Make copies of our medical records at your expense. Copies of the school transcripts for each child, pay off the credit card debt, make it easier for our funds in the banks to be transferred, pay in lump sum all retirement and social security due because we earned that already. Buy. Back your realestate, settle by wiping away any loans due. And we'll leave you to have this stolen land to yourself. We want our medical staff to be paid in full and contractors released with pay. Prove to us slavery is over. We built your stolen countries for you now cut off your economic chains and let us go .

  11. Come out of her my people! Come out from her! You must not take part in her sins; you must not share in her punishment! For her sins are piled up as high as heaven, and God remembers her wicked ways. Jeremiah 51:44-47 Revelation 18:4-5. This is biblical prophecy adhere to go back.