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  1. Had my own accident brother 3 years ago. Nailed by someone on their cell. Did a ton of damage to my pelvis and back. Had 11 hours worth of surgery and spent 2 months in hospital….it’s free up here in Canada so no rush to leave……wishing you a speedy recovery brother…feeling your pain….hope your up and riding soon man….god bless to you and the other brother in a coma hope he comes around and recovers.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  2. Accidents happened bro it's just more dangerous on a motorcycle don't mind the haters on here because they haven't got the balls to ride a bike and they probably are the vehicle owner's that would put a biker at more wrist by tailgating while blowing their horns expecting a two wheeler to stay close to four wheelers on the highway when really a road raged vehicle owner is the most dangerous thing a biker would face on highways. Get well brother cheers 👊

  3. Jesus smoked you coming around that corner… Did the same thing he did when he went off the cliff…..
    He never learned the true apex…
    Always came out too late, sending him straight through and out of the turn…

  4. The universe is a fine balanced machine. Karma is an expression of that. Keep riding around on public roads like a fool and you will quickly drain your karma account. Looks to me like it is in the single digits already!

  5. Man im glad you are okay. I dont know you. You dont know me . But i care . As a fellow rider i care. Get better. And consider more track days bro. Its so much fun! I know those roads you ride gotta be insane. But god damn. Just sketch as fuck bro. Hope your boy pulls through man. Keep him in my prayers

  6. This comment section is filled with brain dead idiots. You dont know what happened, no one does really. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't remember because that's how it normally works when you go down. I can tell none of you actually trashed a camera or go-pro. I've destroyed mine before by accident and it reacted just like his, randomly stopped recording moments before, I didn't understand why but it just fucking happens, telling him he's lying, he got rid of evidence, he shouldn't ride like. HE HAS DAMN NEAR 900,000 SUBS FROM RIDING LIKE THAT, IT'S LITERALLY HIS LIFE, HOW HE MAKES MONEY. Anyways just understand the predicament he and Jesus is in and maybe you will understand.

  7. Heal up brother keep you're head up. Hope Jesus recovers also! Hitting you up from Missouri,had a fellow rider get hit on an on ramp by another rider not paying attention put them both in the hospital for a while totaled both bikes but my friend got a full recovery as far as the Squid who hit him who knows. He was wearing no gear on a cbr 954 just had lectured the guy earlier on the safety of riding gear as well as drinking n riding guess he didn't head the warning. I ride Ark alot 3hr drive for me & my buddies.

  8. Hopefully a lesson was learned. I have been down at 65mph, I was in ICU for a week so I understand what you are going through. Maybe this will mature your riding style a bit. Dont encourage young riders to ride the wrong way or reckless.

  9. Love how people are hating , the dude is probably stoked he just broke his leg and didn’t die . Not his fault he got slammed into by a rider with less experience then him . As far as the footage he’s an American veteran and he doesn’t have to show you people anything. He’s a soldier and I hope he has a speedy recovery.

  10. I like the videos and they take a lot of risk doing what they do I'm almost certain whatever happened was an accident. It's possible that Max was turning around or waiting for the others to catch up. Jesus may have had a failure on his bike or came around the corner kind of hot and they got together but I think because all 3 of the riders were spaced out on that curved road that something like that may have happened. Jesus got a way to go hope his family and friends get the support they need.