BREAKING: Matt Gaetz just humiliated himself when asked to say “Black lives matter.”

To demand Republicans acknowledge that Black lives matter, sign here 👉

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  1. It hurts the votes. Sure, all lives matter. But, if I break a leg, I dont need a cast on every one of my extremities. And wtf is a blue life? That's a job. I dont get to just quit being a black man, never would. All lives matter, blue lives matter but black lives matter is a problem. Thats the fucking problem!!!

  2. Why doesn’t anyone just call them out as straight up rascists? The (R) that used to stand for Republicans, is now Rascists with their fake Christian evengenitals!! Makes me sick!! These Democrats won’t win if they don’t start calling out the REAL truth. The decorum is, should have been out the window a long time ago

  3. he literally said black lives matter. i’m not sure if we’re watching the same thing here. i’m also not sure where’s the part where he humiliated himself.

  4. I heard him say it but he couldn't without saying all lives matter immediately after to qualify it. It was really pulling teeth for him to say that we know he's really racist,he can't even fake it.

  5. I'm black and I can say white lives matter,Asian lives matter,Hispanic lives matter,black lives matter. See it's hard to say if you're racist. All he had to say was black lives matter,it's not hard he's just racist.

  6. Why do people use the all houses thingy when that isn't the same. BLM is a Marxist organization and the leaders have openly admitted that and had said that before. And there is a difference between a race and a life. BLM is talking about a race. All lives matter is talking about everyone as a whole everyone as humans. No ones saying Black people don't matter were just scared to say it with how corrupted they made the word BLM.

    Oh yeah and when people say the house thing a house is like a life. But how they should be saying it is.
    People: "My black painted house is on fire and only my house matters right now."
    Other people: "All houses can be on fire too. And your not the only one that matters right now. But we will help u and make sure your okay."

  7. 0:22 He said "I think black lives matter, I think all lives matter"
    You're an idiot, trying to stir the pot
    NO most Americans do not side with the rioters, what we have here are criminals not following lawful orders

  8. Poor Gaetz, when you grew up in a gated community you know nothing about the world and how it works. Republicans don't understand that the people don't need them. The streets speak for themselves.

  9. Also, if you think all lives matter look up the Philadelphia bombing that happened in the 80's. Read the entire account of how everything went down and how the police and officials acted during that time. If you can still say all lives matter after reading that, you are a fool.

  10. All lives don't matter until black lives do. I feel a small(very small)amount of people were raised in families that supported the idea that all lives matter and were taught that racism is morally wrong. Problem is that because of this they don't understand what black lives matter truly means and they see it as some form of segregation. Black lives matter is simply saying black lives should matter as much as any other life. And if you think that all lives matter as a rebuke to the black lives matter statement, then your at the least a bigot and at the most a racist. I feel many secretly know this and use the all lives matter term as self defense on a issue they truly do not care about. Look through the last 50 yrs of history in america and try and tell me black lives matter. Soldiers by the thousands have lost their lives fighting for this very ideal.

  11. How could he put his lips together to say that when he doesn’t believe that in his heart. Ignorance is overflowing here in the good ole USA.. they don’t get it plain and simple..

  12. The things is that black lives already do matter and have mattered now for at least 100 years. So when you say "Black Lives Matter" you are really asking us to put black lives on a pedestal over all other lives and that sir is simply unacceptable. All lives matter! Every single one.

  13. Brian Tyler Cohen do you not understand basic English? When someone says all lives matter it does not discriminate against any race and it includes black lives you know. BLM is a terrible organization and it is really taking humanity in the wrong direction.