Gregory Cheadle, the man then presidential candidate Donald Trump referred to as “my African-American” in 2016, shares why he’s leaving the Republican party with CNN’s Don Lemon.

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  1. His idiot ass got his feelings hurt by trump and couldn’t deny anymore what everyone’s been trying to tell him about the Republicans. Trump degraded him by calling him his AA and now he wants to cry about it? Big Dummy

  2. I’m challenged to find anything jovial about Trump referring to another human being as ‘My African American’…as if he was some commodity available for purchase. That is an example of deplorable behavior.

  3. This dude is full of shit. He’s just trying to ride the wave because trump is so unpopular. He wasn’t offended when trump put him up there n made him look like a token and fool

  4. What took him so long? All the racism since 1964. Jackie Robinson figured it out. He left the party before he died. A lot more left in the 1980s when, they figured out Ronald Reagan. The Republicans have been the Klan party every since the southern States turned red.

  5. So you people say it every other word but actually use the n-word he was trying to use as a term of endearment and you once again turn into a racist thing. So surprised. Goodbye Democrats your time is limited

  6. Mr Cheadle actually said he fell in love with the History of the republican party??? Before or after Reconstruction. Can Mr. Cheadle explain his this Love? The republican party is not going to reach out to him, he was a photo opp, a prop used to make donald trump look like he is not racist. Did donald trump ask, what happened to my African American? He didn't even remember Gregory Cheadle. lol

  7. 1st of all it took your dumb-ass this long to realize that trump didn't give a damn about you as a black person let alone the rest of us? And with a little high pitched voice with that lisp you have you shouldn't had your ass over there supporting him in the 1st place

  8. I’m a Republican, and I believe in freedom of expression. If Mr. Cheadle wants to choose a different party or believe in something else, he has the right to do so. He can believe in and vote for what he wants. 🙂

  9. Good read: Tim Nolan's article : Trump Mixed Bloodline ….apparently trump had a grandparent that was black; a love- level Nigerian diplomat who emigrated to Germany back in the day…