This Chad is racist and not wearing a mask… Rick Strom breaks it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Rick Strom




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#FaceMask #BLM #BlackLivesMatter

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  1. How about those sports ratings this year so far?
    NBA worst of all time!
    MLB tanked this weekend!
    Nascar is hurting now!
    I guess the "White Supremacist Majority with guns won't be participating with their paychecks anymore.
    Is this a comedy skit?

  2. This video has been out for a month and only 115k views!
    TYT sports has been in the bus. how long?
    Seems like y'all should win some kind of participation trophy or something!

  3. Black Lives Matter,
    Thats Colorism of the veteran, like he got angry cause “BLACK LIVES MATTER”,
    like um, dood black lives matter, Why are you angry???
    They do matter,
    you being angry & disagreeing that black lives matter means you are not only racist BUT you are also a COLORIST!

  4. BLM is a fascist organization that should be shut down! They are Marxist misleading people and uninformed people follow them because they genuinely want to do good and don't know the BLM org really cares about Marxism. Marxism is communism, it does not work and requires fascism to maintain. Look at china. BLM people should go live in china for a year then come back after they know how much communism sucks.

  5. I've seen masks that have said "China Lied", "MAGA", "BLM", "Q", even a few "KKK" masks and the list goes on. Working in grocery i see all types near daily. Most goofy. Some political. Just roll your eyes and move on.

    Not all veterans serve with honor. Honestly i'd suspect stolen valor here before calling him a "vet."
    That said, use your words a little more carefully. Protesters did NOT have (fully) automatic weapons.

  6. Every single Chad & Karen out there knows exactly what Black Lives Matter means. They know, they just faint ignorance as to have pausable deniability for when someone more intelligent then themselves, corrects them. So that they'll be able to say, oh' I seriously thought it meant only Black Lives Matter. Which is complete horseshit. They know, they all know, especially the famous Chad's & Karen's, like Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Tomi Lauren, Rudy Giuliani & Sean Hannity.
    🖕🏽🤪🖕🏽'em | ✊🏽😡🇺🇲