Historians in Huntington are trying to identify the people who may be buried at an old African-American cemetery in Cold Spring Harbor.

The plot appears to be the burial ground for at least three dozen people, based upon the placement of unnamed stone field markers.

The Jones Cemetery, located on a hill on Harbor Road just south of Lawrence Hill Road, was owned by the Jones’ family — a wealthy business family who owned much of the land in Cold Spring Harbor in the 18th and 19th centuries.

And those who are interred there are believed to be African-Americans who worked for the Jones family.

Kristin Thorne has more:

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  1. I pass this all the time. when going from west to eat on route 108 there are 2 abandoned houses on a hill. There are 2 headstones you can see from the road especially in the fall. Always wondered what this property represented. Houses are extremely old and I wondered why the property was not preserved better