A man kicks away and rips down protest signs placed on a statue of Winston Churchill by anti-racism demonstrators on the second day of weekend rallies against George Floyd’s death. Protesters defaced the monument of the former British Prime Minister, spray painting the words “was a racist” under his name.

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  1. God look at our pathetic police! Allowing that vandalism to happen and then just standing around. Guy in flat cap a hero. Did the police arrest him…probarly.

  2. Man will always be hero and con at the same time. Churchill is the same, he will be hero to people who saw him as a hero and con to saw him as enemy. That's not a problem at all. The problem is when someone try to force others see him as hero when they see him as enemy and it happened with today eurocentris world history. People only taught about the good deeds Churchill did but not given the bad deeds of what Churchill did during his administration. So he is a hero for people that saw him as hero and con for people that saw him as a con and in my eyes he just decent human being

  3. I dont care if people call me racist, the word has lost all sense of meaning now that it really makes no difference to the way I live my life